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HomeCommunityOur Members Review Their Favourite Beauty Products

Our Members Review Their Favourite Beauty Products


To celebrate the spirit of love, we held a fun Review Challenge for our T&R members for the month of Valentine’s. We were curious about what products our members loved using the most. And thus, we asked them to review their favourite beauty products for Valentine’s Day and share a picture of themselves with those products.

Results? We were surprised and overwhelmed to see so many creative and interesting pictures that were sent to us. We can’t wait to share those wonderful pictures here!

Every month we hold easy and fun Review Challenges for our members. The lucky winners of this challenge get to win exciting and exclusive free products from us from various categories such as beauty, haircare, personal care, skincare and many more. If you participated in the contest and did not get the chance to win, then don’t get disheartened at all! Keep sending us good quality reviews, follow us on social platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and you too will get the chance to be the lucky winner of our exciting monthly contests.

See what our members have to say about their favourite products for Valentine’s Day

ainsyazamira00 3

"Hi ,im already use this lipmatte for daily routine. This superstay matte ink very best and super stay. The color also very beautiful. It very suitable for my skin color . The price is also affordable for me . And always have promotion at watson/guardian. Thankyou maybelline ❤"
- ainsyazamira00

Seventh Gen_Nước giặt an toàn nhất

"I like the formulation of this product, it's not too creamy and not too dry ok my lips. It's a bit moisturizing but since I have a dry lips I still need apply a moisturizer. I didn't like the shade honored it's good but I think it doesn't compliment on my skin really well and it's not smudge-proof but the pigmentation, and the longevity of the product, hands down!"
- AubreyB


"Finally got the chance to try this talked about Nude liquid lip tint from Maybelline (which is not really a lip tint... lol) Love the shade “Bare It All”. I’ve been looking for this Peach- Brown nude lippie for quite sometime and I must say my wish was granted by Maybelline. It is very pigmented, creamy, matte and lightweight. Just don’t forget to apply your lip balm first to keep your lips from drying."
- AhneV


"I love this concealer so much cause it doesn't crease under my eyes, i have lines under my eyes so im glad that this concealer and corrector it doesn't settle, i also love that this concealer is not heavy/heavy looking, its also affordable and very worth every penny!"
- aprilrdb98


"For those who love the lightweight formula of lip tint products plus the vibrant matte finish of lipsticks, this is definitely the best one right now! ❤️ Upon receiving the product, I noticed the glam of its packaging - Mattle black with gold and minimalist font which is a very classy combination. The first swatch of the ink is ALREADY PIGMENTED. The ink formula is 10/10...."
- Darlene22


"This blusher is very suitable for those who love natural looks for their makeup especially daily use. It also can be a very good blusher base for anyone who loves extra blusher on their cheeks :)"
- Deymimi


"The pink packaging is so cute. It smells like sweet berry. The texture is very moist. According to the company’s instructions, I use it a few times a week. I use this instead of a lip balm but this small jar can last me for 3 months."
- Elpida


"The April Skin Cushion is the first cushion I've tried and I loved it. The shade is perfect for me and it doesn't crease and move even though I apply cream products on top of it. My skin looks flawless too whenever I wear it. I find myself repurchasing this product even though it is quite pricey. I think it is worth every penny."
- Ennskincare


"Everything has been easy since i've been using @bioaquaes product! This WAKE UP SLEEPING HAIR oil is really amazing,smells so nice and make ur hair soft smooth throughtout the day THE BEST"
- Jelitasyuhada


"Most sunscreen products in japan will have alcohol but this one is an exception. It feels cool on the skin and sets very naturally on my skin and makes it look like I have a nice filter over it. My pores feel small and the skin feels smooth like velvet. This lasts quite long but I still like to apply it in the middle of the day. This sunscreen has SPF 50 AND PA++++"


"You can never go wrong with Peripera! All of their shades are suitable for Filipina skin tones even though it is a Korean Brand. What I love about their Ink Velvet/Airy Ink Velvet is that it doesn't emphasize the dryness of my lips plus the cute packaging, it is travel size friendly. Also a little goes a long way with this product!...I highly recommend this to everyone!"
- lsnnzrn


"This is my favourite lipstick for my daily work ..look natural and long lasting.."
- Nadiah2803


"This sunscreen is really cheap just about 25.000 FOR for 60 ml. This sunscreen come with a lightweight cream texture that can easily spread and absorps fast to the skin. It may be cheap but the performance is quite good. It doens't left any sunburn to my skin. I love this product."
- Notasena


"The powder itself is light in my opinion because I use it lightly, if applied with a sponge, the powder will stick to it. The powder itself is long-lasting, and already has spf..
- Shofimurniyardi


"I love this gel tint because it’s like you are wearing nothing on your lips. It’s very pigmented and it glides on smoothly. I think at the price point it is very affordable too. But if you are looking for something that is long lasting then this won’t be it because it does come off after eating or drinking but you can still re-apply if you want. Overall still a good lip tint."
- stephysyy


"...My friend said it's a bit drying, but I don't feel the same way. Maybe because I prep my lip with lip balm before swatching the lipstick. My life has been so easy since I use this product as I no need to reapply lipstick even after eating and drinking for whole day long. What amaze me is the lipstick is transfer proof! I tried to kiss my hand but none of it being transferred! Love it to the max!"
- zatul5610

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