Foundation Brushes: Top picks tried and reviewed by makeup lovers

Foundation brushes

Foundation brushes have somehow fallen to the wayside ever since foundation sponges came along. But if you’re looking for precision and coverage, sponges are sometimes known to remove a lot of the product and can leave you looking a little splotchy if you’re not careful. However, we know how foundation brushes can sometimes be a little intimidating as well as there’s so many different kinds out in the market. When you use the incorrect brush, you can end up with a very streaky finish. But nowadays, brush technology has improved so much that you can find one that works perfectly for your products, for a beautiful, flawless finish.

A foundation brush can give you a notable more even, smooth, and ultimately skin-like finish. In fact, don’t even take our word for it. See what people like you, who tried foundation brushes, have to say about them. Foundation brushes can be used for every type of foundation – liquid, cream, or powder. 

Tips on how to use foundation brushes 

  • Use the back of your hand as a palette and dab the brush into the liquid
  • Apply only a small amount to the end of the brush and lightly blend the foundation onto the face and neck area, starting from the top center of your face and working your way outwards
  • Use long sweeping downward strokes, following the natural direction of hair growth

Our community’s top picks for foundation brushes

1. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals™ Loose Powder Foundation Brush

The Body Shop - Extra Virgin Minerals™ Loose Powder Foundation Brush

@Yuppie tried this foundation brush from the Body Shop and loved it to the core. She reviewed that “it picks up just the right amount of powder/blusher and applies smoothly and effortlessly to my skin.”

What makes this foundation brush is its high thickness which guarantees that the appropriate measure of the establishment is caught between the swarms, giving you a smooth, even application. As with all The Body Shop brushes, this foundation brush is 100% brutality free and contains no animal hair.


2. Nyx Cosmetics Pro Flat Foundation Brush

Nyx Cosmetics - Pro Flat Foundation Brush

This NYX Pro Flat Foundation Brush is a tapered brush awesome for fluid or cream equations for an even, sans-streak application.

Use it properly and with the right kind of foundation or it can make your foundation look streaky as it did for our community member @Chermainengg. It’s all about the right way of using something and with its suited products. 



3. The Body Shop Foundation Brush

The Body Shop - The Body Shop Foundation Brush

“I like how soft the brush is and it is easy to apply the foundation on and it blends well even when I used this for my concealer too.” That’s how @Sophia5683,  a 29 year old member of our community, summed up her experience with this foundation brush.

This lightweight foundation brush gives you smooth even coverage with both liquid and cream foundations. It helps define and shape a perfect contour for the face. Also, it’s easy to stick powder to and has soft and thick hair ensuring that it will be gentle on your skin.


Here are our editor’s picks if you’re looking for some budget friendly foundation brushes options

1. VDL Rounded Foundation Brush

Vdl - Vdl Rounded Foundation Brush

This VDL Rounded Foundation Brush makes the establishment to be common and smooth like your unique skin. It is a professional choice made by 20 years of vacation and the expertise of Wendy Rowe, one of the world’s best five craftsmen. Representing edge, ladylike and exquisite mark violet shading to mouth shading to convey proficient and chic affectability, this brush would be a great choice.



2. Three Foundation Brush

Three - Three Foundation Brush

The THREE Foundation Brush transforms your establishment into a sensitive work over your skin, making a delicate, finely-finished look. It is angled to fit the shapes of your skin. This is an adaptable brush perfect both for the establishment and for THREE’s Shimmering Glow Duo. Try it and let us know how you like it. 




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