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Shhh, We Have The Secret To Achieve Youthful Skin!

As we reach our mid-20s, our skin starts to age more rapidly as important proteins such as collagen break down much faster and the production of such proteins decreases. A fast-acting solution to maintain the skin’s radiance during this time is critical and a well-known ingredient, bird’s nest, is put to the test. We put 100 Singaporean ladies on Nutox Anti-ageing Skincare product range to test if it helps to achieve youthful skin and Look their youngest in 7 days.

Nutox is an affordable skincare brand, and a pioneer of birds’ nest skincare, that aims to keep you young and beautiful. The key ingredient in their products is the swiftlet bird’s nest, which is known for being a rich source of collagen. These natural bird’s nest extracts penetrate deep into the skin to promote collagen and protein replenishment, promoting smoother and firmer skin. Our testers tried 3 products from their anti-ageing skincare range – The Advance Serum Concentrate, Anti-ageing Cream (day cream) and the Night Repair (night cream). With the brave claim of “Look your youngest in 7 days*”, will the brand be able to stick it?

How long will it take to see any improvements?

After using the serum for a week, our testers saw immediate improvements in their skin. Their skin seemed brighter, more radiant, firmer and less oily. The fast results could be due to the fact that the serum is boosted with twice as much bird’s nest collagen. We all know how frustrating it can be to wait months to see whether that expensive skincare product you splurged on is actually working or not. Nutox ensures that you get your money’s worth.

Try and Review member @Feliciawong2019 said her “face does look radiant after usage for days” whilst @Jacintha 89 mentioned she “Love[s] how light it feels on the skin. Very effective and makes [her] skin firmer and more radiant!”. 7/10 testers reported that their skin became firmer, more elastic and smoother after 7 days! Member @paulinakeow agreed with the claim as she told us she experienced “Firmer skin. Reduce oiliness on forehead. So pleased with the results after 7 days, I even got my mum to try it out!”

From left to right: @Jacintha89 @paulinakeow @Feliciawong2019

Will it help reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

Finding a great-feeling day cream that will help to prevent the appearance of aging is a regular request from our 30-45 year old users! As your age approaches the big 30, your body starts to decrease in elastin and collagen that can cause your skin to sag. Nutox products are formulated to give your skin a boost of collagen so as to slow down the ageing process and give you youthful skin. Our testers were amazed by the visible results.

My skin condition has improved with reduced fine lines. It became firm and looks brighter…” reports @angelatanlt. @Eunice believes that it has helped to not only reduce the visibility of her fine lines and wrinkles but has also had the bonus of tightening up her skin: “Product is not too heavy or greasy perfect for our climate. Lines wrinkles and sagging skin are less visible after 7 days use”.

Of all the ladies that tried the product, 7/10 of them would purchase Nutox Anti-ageing Skincare Range within 3 months! Tester @Sammirawks plans to buy it as soon as possible! She says “it absorbs really fast and doesn’t leave a sticky or oily residue. … Fine lines on forehead and smile lines are less visible too! I will repurchase it once I run out of it”.

Will it leave my skin feeling sticky?


In Singapore’s extremely humid weather, the last thing we need is to put something on our face which makes us feel even stickier and oilier. Luckily, Nutox ensures that their products get seeped into the skin quickly so that your skin gets all the nourishment without you feeling uncomfortable. @KQ was really impressed with the absorption and fast-acting results: “gets quickly absorbed without leaving an uncomfortable feeling of having ‘something’ sticking onto your face. My laugh-lines and fine lines under my eyes were visibly reduced even after 2 days of using”.


Finally a solution that seems to check all the boxes! No wonder why 3/4 Singaporean testers would recommend Nutox Anti-ageing Skincare Range to a friend.

Is the Nutox Anti-ageing Skincare Range effective and good value for money?

It is not easy to find skincare products that not only give great results quickly but don’t break the bank either. We were delighted to do some of the hard work for you and bet that you are really excited to try the range for yourself! You can purchase Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate , Anti-ageing cream and Night Repair online with Watsons!

*Research done in home usage test for 7 continuous days, amongst 118 women in Malaysia between Jan to March in 2020


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