The Top 3 Family Products of 2020


From house cleaning products to baby products, and everything in between, when it’s time to choose a product for your family you want to be sure to make the right choice. So we are really excited to announce the grand winners of the Home, Health, and Baby categories of our 2020 Try and Review awards! Of the thousands of products reviewed, you guys chose these top 3 family products as your favorites. From house cleaning products to baby products, and everything in between, these 3 products were your top picks.

Scott’s Original Emulsion Cod Liver Oil_Family Products
Scott’s Original Emulsion Cod Liver Oil

Scott’s Cod Liver Oil is the top pick in the Baby category of 2020. It contains DHA to strengthen the body’s natural resistance and is essential for your child’s growth and development. It also contains Vitamins A and D to support a healthy immune system and calcium for strong bones. This product was rated a 4.8 out of 5 by testers and kids also love the taste! User @Gwenhwyfar24 says, “I have tried a lot of vitamins for my 2 kids. My kids love it so much and you don’t need to remind them to drink their vitamins. They love the sweet flavor!”

Users love how Scott’s Cod Liver Oil keeps their children from getting sick. @mitchdons says that “this product is so helpful with my kid. He easily got coughs and colds before, but when we used this product, he was not getting them all the time. It’s really amazing! Highly recommended.”



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