Why you should totally be using this NEW mouthwash: Tried and reviewed by real users

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Did you know that along with brushing and flossing, mouthwash should also be part of a daily oral hygiene routine? Despite numerous benefits, mouthwash is not commonly implemented due to misinformation about it. Some of the misconceptions include:

  • All mouthwashes are the same

  • They should sting to be effective

  • Mouthwash is not necessary because it’s only used to freshen up breath and mouth

To debunk the misconceptions surrounding mouthwashes, we enlisted the help of 400 Try and Review members who tried out the Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash. The idea is to let real users try the product for a week for them to be able to experience it better so they could share with us what they felt about it.

Are all mouthwashes the same?

Mouthwash at the very core, freshens the breath. But little did we know that not all mouthwashes have the same formula nor deliver the same amount of benefits.

Take it from the 400 members who got to try out Colgate’s latest premium line – Colgate Total Mouthwash. Colgate’s latest mouthwash comes with an alcohol-free gentle fresh clean sensation in an advanced formula that has Zinc Antibacterial Shield – something that may be very helpful in the pandemic. This superior mouthwash comes with 10 benefits for a healthier mouth, making it quite differentiated from the others. As oral health and protection is one of the top concerns of people today, this really does stand out.

Should mouthwash sting to be effective?

There are two types of mouthwashes – alcohol vs. alcohol-free. Mouthwashes with alcohol cause a stinging and drying sensation. Although some people might interpret the burning sensation as a sign of effectiveness, it is not always the case. 

Try and Review member keithtorrecampoTry and Review member @Kalamay13 commented, “I don’t usually use mouthwash because they’re too strong for me. I can’t take anything spicy or hot. When I saw that this variant was alcohol-free I was curious to see if it really doesn’t sting. It doesn’t sting at all and my mouth feels squeaky clean and fresh”. Similarly, member @Keithtorrecampo noted, “It was the lightest mouthwash (I have) ever tried without the burning alcohol taste. It was so pleasant to use as it keeps my mouth healthy and leaves a fresh breath feeling even after brushing. Plus it really works for those with gum problems too”. Overall, Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash ensures a mild and pleasant experience for users, without compromising on effectiveness. 

Is mouthwash really necessary? Is it only used to freshen up your breath and mouth?

Colgate Total Mouthwash is great and effective because of its advanced formulation that gives your mouth superior protection and not because it stings. It not only provides you with 12-hour antibacterial protection, its formula is also powered by ZINC and it has 10 other oral health benefits for a healthier mouth*.

Try and Review member Karen0723Members highlighted that Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash helped freshen their breath tremendously. The 12-hour superior protection against bacteria prevents build up in the mouth which causes bad breath. @Karen0723 exclaimed, “It is like a splash of freshness. It really works! It never fails to keep my breath fresh.”

Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash’s advanced formulation provides freshness that is considerably longer lasting compared to other mouthwashes. Member @Hermione_06 “It seems that it stays longer in your mouth compared to other mouthwash that I have tried”. This mouthwash is effective in freshening breath and on top of that, it also provides superior protection for a healthier mouth!

Colgate Total Mouthwash’s 10 Oral Health Benefits:
1. Fights cavities
2. Kills 99.9%** bacteria
3. Freshens Breath
4. 10X longer cooling***
5. Reduces plaque
6. Healthier gums+
7. Prevents tartar build-up
8. Detoxifies the mouth
9. 24/7 bad breath control****
10. Cleaner mouth+

**immediately after use    *** than brushing alone; refers to cooling system    ****use twice daily as directed    +vs non-antibacterial mouthwash

Why you should include this mouthwash as a staple in your daily brushing routine:

Try and Review member kcpatrishaBrushing and flossing will continue to be irreplaceable but mouthwashes should be used to improve your dental and oral health. It provides additional prevention against cavities, tooth decay and gum diseases. @Kcpatrisha noted that “It reaches places that regular brushing can’t”. 100% of members feel fresher after pairing Colgate Total Professional Fresh Mint with brushing versus only brushing. Using the Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash is a time-efficient addition because just a quick swish and spit can help significantly reduce plaque, tartar build-up and detoxify the mouth. 

The Colgate Total Mouthwash is a great and effective mouthwash because of its advanced formulation that gives your mouth superior protection, and not because it stings. It not only provides you with 12-hour antibacterial protection, its formula is also powered by ZINC and it has 10 other oral health benefits for a healthier mouth.*+

*With 2 weeks continuous use; vs. non-antibacterial mouthwash
+vs non-antibacterial mouthwash

Make the GREAT switch by giving your mouth the total protection it deserves with Colgate Total Professional Mouthwash in Clean Mint and Fresh Mint – available in stores nationwide and online! Make the Total Switch now! #MadeforGreatness


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