Oral Care: 5 Members share why they prefer this natural toothpaste and rated it 4.7/5!

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Good oral care involves brushing your teeth twice daily to keep the bacteria in your mouth under control, but what kind of product should we be using? Is natural toothpaste a safer and better choice compared to regular toothpaste? Try And Review recently offered our members to try out the Colgate Naturals toothpaste to answer some of these questions. We have gathered over 1,200 reviews along with their experiences. The results were a stellar 4.7/5 rating! Read on to find out why our members adore this natural toothpaste and have given it such high ratings!

Oral Care – 5 Members’ reviews on why they prefer Colgate Naturals toothpaste!

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Naturally white as you brush
Member jen.lili

Colgate Naturals is formulated with 97% of natural origin ingredients, which means that it will be less abrasive than regular toothpaste and lowers the risk for gums to recede early. It is also more sustainable due to the earth-friendly ingredients and biodegradable packaging. This natural toothpaste is definitely the top choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Member’s rating: 5/5

“I love that is natural ingredients, I can instantly see my teeth whitening after brushing. I love the packaging because its biodegradable which is great for mother earth.”

Naturally white as you brush
Member @kimjdejesus

Many rely heavily upon caffeine to power through the day, but the downside of drinking is that it can leave our teeth stained yellow. Coffee drinkers can finally enjoy without fear as the Colgate Naturals Charcoal Clean toothpaste can eliminate surface stains! Some members also reviewed that this toothpaste has helped naturally whiten their teeth without the sensitivity a regular whitening toothpaste may cause!

Member’s rating: 5/5

“I tried this toothpaste and I was hooked! My teeth have become whiter and my smile brighter since starting this toothpaste and I can’t imagine using anything else.”

Mild minty taste
Member @Marky267
Mild minty taste

According to the Try And Review members' reviews, the Colgate Naturals Charcoal Clean boasts a light minty flavour. Unlike other regular toothpaste with an overpowering minty taste, this natural toothpaste does not irritate the mouth. Because of its mildness, this toothpaste will be ideal for young children too! Families can share a tube of toothpaste rather than purchasing separate tubes of toothpaste to accommodate different family members.

Member’s rating: 5/5
“It's minty and it doesn't hurt my mouth, unlike other toothpaste that has a strong mint flavour. I would definitely buy it. You guys should try it. Totally recommend this product.”

Eliminate bad breath
member @johnscene
Eliminate bad breath

Do you enjoy food that causes bad breath like garlic, onion and durian? Although these foods are delicious, they can often leave a lingering odour in your mouth, making you feel awkward to open your mouth. Not only that, the nasty bad breaths will be lingering in your mask all day after you eat! Colgate Naturals can help eliminate any bad breath you have and leave your mouth smelling fresh. One of our members discovered that Colgate Natural toothpaste was the only one that helped him with his bad breath after using other regular toothpaste.

Member’s rating: 4.4/5
“Prior to using this one of the several products of Colgate toothpaste I have been experiencing problems with bad breath. I thought it was the type of food or drink that I ingest. But no. I have persistently used gargle products brushing my teeth more than thrice a day and flossing it sometimes. None of those has worked. Now when I used this Colgate clean toothpaste I could say the smell feels good. I can feel the difference already. It helps boost my confidence.”

Gentle on sensitive skin
member @missladypendent
Gentle on sensitive skin

Choosing a trusty natural toothpaste with excellent cleaning efficacy and gentle on the skin can be challenging, but Colgate Naturals hits all the criteria. According to a sensitive skin member, she tends to avoid other overpowering regular toothpaste but this toothpaste does not hurt the skin around her mouth. The toothpaste contains natural ingredients like Korean bamboo charcoal and natural mint oils, so it is safer for the skin than regular toothpaste that contains strong chemicals. It is gentle yet provides users with a natural cleansing experience to effectively clean the bacteria in the mouth.

Member’s rating: 4.8/5

“It has a subtle scent and leaves the mouth feeling squeaky clean afterwards. It’s perfect for those who have sensitive skin (like me) who tries to avoid using products that harm the skin with an overpowering smell.”

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The Colgate Naturals toothpaste is readily available online at the official store of Colgate at Shopee and Lazada! Also, try out their other Colgate Naturals variants like the Turmeric Gum Protect Toothpaste if you are experiencing gum issues or the Himalayan Salt Healthy White, which helps remove surface stains! So, does the Colgate Naturals range fit all your criteria when searching for your ideal oral care toothpaste? If you are still unsure, you may read more reviews written by our members here. Remember, oral care is as important as other health concerns, so choosing the right product will definitely benefit you in the long run!

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This article is written in partnership with Colgate. All opinions shared are based on authentic and honest reviews from real users.

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