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How To Become More Productive For 2020


Do you ever try to get some work done but a few minutes later find yourself watching a video tutorial on “how to tie a tie”?

We all procrastinate in some way, be it by scrolling on Facebook aimlessly or binge-watching shows on Netflix. It’s difficult to avoid instant gratification. But putting off all your work for the night before the submission date is an unhealthy practice.

Below are a few tips and motivation to help you be more productive:

1. Make a To-do List

Tips to make a do to listThe first tips to be more productive is to write down a list of all the work that you need to get done. Give priority to the tasks that need to be submitted sooner.

By preparing a small to-do list every day you won’t get overwhelmed with all the things that you need to complete within the whole week.

You can also add fun into a monotonous list-making task by using colourful pens to write and ticking off the boxes with bright highlighters. Reward yourself with a small break or cookie after a task gets done.

2. Block the Distractions

block distractionsIt’s quite easy to get distracted or procrastinate when you have some work pending. We have to consciously and continuously make an effort to remove all the distractions.

If you have a hard time focusing on the work, you can try listening to soft instrumental music which is known to increase your concentration. Also, make sure to put your phone on silent mode and keep it far from your reach.

3. Start the Easy Way

Tips to be more productiveStart working on the easier tasks first. Once you get into the momentum, finishing off the remaining tasks will be easy. We often procrastinate because we think the task will take a lot of time and effort to get done. So start working on easier tasks first and then you will be able to get in the ‘work-flow’ state to finish all the tedious ones.


4. Get Some Exercise

exercice to be more productiveFeeling stuck or bored while working? Get up and start exercising to increase blood flow to your brain. Exercise releases a hormone called dopamine that helps you feel good and energetic after a workout. You can even go for a brisk walk, do some stretching and get back to work with a refreshed mind and body.

5. All You Have to Do is Start

Start to be more productiveAvoid making emotional decisions if you need to get started. Don’t let your brain take over. You might not feel like it but you must get up and start working. Commit to working for 2 minutes at first. Once you cross the 2 minutes challenge, you’ll already feel motivated to get going.

It’s not that hard to get your work done. Better time management, strong willpower and a regular routine will help you stay on track. Avoid giving in to instant gratifications and distractions. Everything else can wait till you’re free after work.


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