Weight Management Solution: Homemaker Kelly reviews her first slimming treatment experience

Review of London Weight Management’s ezSlim™ Treatment by Kelly

Weight management has always been the number one health concern for most mothers. Ask any mother what their top concern is post pregnancy and for most, the words “weight loss” or “weight management” will somehow always come up. Try and Review selected one of our members, Kelly, a 47 year old, full time mother of 3 to give London Weight Management’s ezSlim™ Body Contouring Treatment a try. With her weight peaking at its heaviest ever since her first child, she was excited to give this weight management solution a go. Here is her honest review on her first slimming treatment experience.

London Weight Management Exterior

Hello, my name is Kelly and I’m 47 this year. I am a full-time mom to 3 lovely boys. I have a stubborn problem; my weight has been consistently increasing since I had my firstborn. This year, I reached the peak of my weight at 87kg! I have tried many weight loss methods and programs but I am not sure why I can’t lose it. With my weight at its heaviest, I knew I needed to do something to stop any more weight gain and to slowly bring it back down. Hence, when I received an invitation email from Try and Review for a body contouring trial at London Weight Management, I was excited and immediately said yes to their invitation!


I have to admit that I did feel nervous and inferior initially. Nervous because this will be my first time trying out a body slimming treatment and I am not sure of what is to come. I also lacked confidence because I constantly worry on how others will think about my over-sized body shape. My impression of weight loss/slimming centres is that they are usually very high-end and for normal sized people who would like to firm up their body.

However, my worries disappeared when I arrived at London Weight Management’s Ngee Ann City outlet. I was excited to finally address my weight management issues and to see how this treatment would unfold.

London Weight Management ezSlim™ treatment review

Warm welcome by the staff

I was warmly welcomed by the friendly staff even though I reached slightly earlier than the scheduled appointment. The very first step I got to do was check in via the trace together app, and to show them that I am fully vaccinated. ✅

It only took a few minutes for them to confirm my appointment after they got me seated comfortably. I was even given a bottle of water and I thought that was really nice.

Body Fat Analysis and Consultation

London Weight Management Body Scan

I was introduced to Yi Lin, my friendly consultant who then brought me to a consultation room where she gave me a form to complete. After filling up the form, she brought me to another spot to measure my weight and height. After which, she helped me with a Body Fat Analysis using the same weighing scale. We headed back to the consultation room where I sat through an introduction video while waiting for the weight management consultant.



London Weight Management - Kelly's consultation

It didn’t take long before Regene, my weight management consultant, came in to chat with me. It was a casual chat to get to know more about my daily lifestyle so she understands better my concerns and body goals. A full body consultation was carried out based on the computerized Body Fat Analysis I did previously to determine the customised formulations to best suit my body. According to Regene, my body fat is about 43%, which is over the normal range. The good news is, my protein level is within the healthy range.

I was then later introduced to their signature slimming treatment ezSlim™.

The exciting part is about to start!! 

After the consultation session with Regene, I was asked to go to the treatment room. At this point, I honestly couldn’t wait!

Treatment Time!

London Weight Management Member experience

I was asked to change into disposable underwear and put on a robe to get started. My therapist was Amy, who was really friendly and cheerful. She did not make me feel nervous or bored at all throughout the treatment session.

First, Amy explained to me what the treatment steps were – there would be 3 steps all together.

London Weight Management ampoule

Step 1️:

Amy applied an ampoule on my tummy. After which, she used an infrared massager to massage my tummy.

I was told that this step helps to lose the stubborn fat that is stored in my tummy. Throughout the massage, I can hear a “innng” sound in my ears. Amy explained that it is the sound from the massager, and somehow only I can hear it. The sound gets louder when the massager reaches the part that has more fat. 

London Weight Management Treatment Time

This was something particularly interesting that I didn’t know about – I get to know which part of my tummy is fatter! 🧐

Step 2️:

This step is to deeply “loosen” the fat and at the same time, detox and flush out the toxins that are in my tummy. 

Step 3️:

London Weight Management The Review Collective Treatment Machine

This is the final step, where a vacuum massager is used to “suck” away the fat in my tummy. 

I would say the suction is quite strong and I could feel my tummy and skin being sucked in. As the suction strength was getting too strong, I felt a slight pain on the right side of my waist. I told Amy about it and immediately reduced the power of the vacuum. 

Eventually, the right side of my waist developed some redness but it only took a few days for it to fade out. 

Finally, to end the session, I was given a cup of matcha slimming tea and it was the perfect soothing end to my treatment. Apparently, this matcha tea helps to continue eliminating bloat and excess fluids in your body post treatment. On top of that, I also got to bring home a customised ampoule for home use to prolong the treatment’s effects.

Summary of my experience on the weight management treatment

How was my overall experience?
I had a wonderful experience with London Weight Management. The whole session was great! 

How were the staff (consultants and therapists)?
They were all friendly, patient and cheerful. 

Was the environment good?
Yes, it was a nice and warm environment. The rooms were small but cosy and I felt at home when I stepped into the centre.

How was the treatment?
The treatment session was great. Amy made sure I was never bored. Her explanations were also all straight to the point. 

Did I lose weight?
Yes, I lost 3cm in measurement at the end of the session. 

Will I recommend this treatment to those who want to lose weight?
Yes, you can give it a try if you are on the lookout for a good and reliable weight management centre.

Overall, this session was a fruitful session for me, especially on my first slimming treatment experience. I had a relaxing and painless (only the right side of waist had minor pain) procedure which allowed me to achieve greater fat reduction and slimming with London Weight Management innovative solutions. I am also hoping that this will kickstart my journey to my healthy weight management journey.

If you would like to give it a try and experience it for yourself, simply click here to redeem the ezSlim™ Body Contouring Treatment that Kelly did for just a promotional price of $28 Nett (U.P. $900).

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