Damaged hair solution: How effective is the Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask?


Damaged hair solution: Is the Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask as good as the reviews claim?

On top of our daily shampoo and conditioner routine, a simple weekly hair mask can be your next solution for damaged hair. Applying a hair mask is a relaxing and easy way to seal in moisture and revitalize your tresses.

Try and Review engaged 300 ladies with colored, bleached or damaged hair to test out the effectiveness of Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask. Read on to find out why 98% of women in Metro Manila agree that their hair health is restored after frequent usage of the hair mask. 

Instant and lasting damage repair

Daily styling, coloring and chemical treatments can take a lot out of our hair, but all it takes is a little extra care to get healthy looking hair again. Enriched with Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives, Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask helps to repair hair damage by fortifying damaged hair protein. It deeply nourishes the core of each strand and alleviates signs of dryness and damage. User @daneradleigh09 commented, “Because of the repeated colors and different products that I use my hair is really dry and tangled. That’s why I was really happy that after using it a few times, my hair is already softer and shinier and does not feel dry anymore.”

Progressive nourishment

Consistent usage of Dove Advanced Keratin Treatment Mask results creates instant and long-lasting damage repair. Niacinamide essence deeply penetrates hair and progressively nourishes deep inside each hair strand. User @heart.elgnam noted, “I really love this product because after using this my hair is healthier and it really helps me to repair my extreme hair damage.”




Reduce breakage and split ends

Regular usage of the Dove Advance Keratin Treatment Mask strengthens and leaves hair 10x more resilient against future damage. User @Cassidy_1029 stated, “The keratin in the formula really seems to work wonders in strengthening my hair and reducing breakage. I have been using this mask once a week for the past few weeks and my hair looks and feels healthier than it has in a long time.”

Convenient at home treatment

Instead of sitting on the salon chair for hours, users love the inexpensive convenience of pampering themselves from the comforts of their own home. User @Msalyyy commented, Busy schedule? No time for salon? Try this Dove Keratin Treatment Mask and you will save not only money but time as well. I am so amazed how this works! It leaves my hair soft shiny smooth and helps with my frizzy curly hair. I am very particular about the products I am using with my hair but definitely in love with this one! Highly recommended!


An indulgent hair treatment does not have to be expensive, and time-consuming. Pick up Dove Advance Keratin Treatment Mask from Lazada, Shopee or TikTok and witness the transformation of your hair health!