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Must Have Products That Our Members Can’t Live Without

With nothing but time on our hands, we have been filling our time with whatever we can. Be it making new recipes, working out or just working, it seems that time still doesn’t pass any faster. We have resorted to daydreaming to keep myself entertained, imagining random scenarios in my head. And that is how we came to wonder what is my must-have product if we could only keep one product with me for the rest of my life. Taking this question to Instagram, we asked what you guys would bring with you if you were on a deserted island.

The answers received from you were beyond our imaginations. Ranging from lipsticks to even a plane, your answers were surprising to read! Also, thank you to the members that reminded us to stay safe during this period! ???? Hopefully all of you are as well! Now, to reveal the top four replies we got for your must-have product!


First on the list is sunscreen! We agree that this is definitely a must-have product. To protect our skin from getting damaged indoors or outdoors, sunscreen is a must have in everyone’s collection! Especially when you are on a deserted island with no shelter from the harsh UV rays, you definitely need them to keep your skin safe. If you have yet to add a sunscreen into your collection, this sunscreen is top-rated among our community.



Overall Rating: 4.5/5

“This is one of my favourite sunscreen from Kiehl’s – extremely lightweight with no residue despite the humid weather in Singapore. It spreads easily and foundation applies nicely on top. Just dab a pea sized blob and let it does its job.”

– @chloeyeow

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Cleansers are a close second on the list! Breakouts are never a welcome occurrence, and thus, with all the dirt particles and oil that is bound to collect on our skin, cleansers are undoubtedly one thing we can’t live without to cleanse the gunk on our skin. Especially to get that island glow, we understand why cleansers were ranked so high! This popular cleanser amongst our members might help you out on your cleanser search if you’re still experimenting with various brands.



Overall Rating: 4.8/5

“I looove the cleanser face wash. It’s very gentle to the skin as it’s mild, and does not have any strong smell. I like how it’s not too foamy as well. I realised that it helped to regulate the oil on my face and makes my skin feel supple to touch. My skin also doesn’t feel dry after using it because it does not strip off all of the natural oils on the face and instead just cleans off excess dirt and oil. I highly recommend it!”

– @Suvaathy

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This definitely came as a surprise to us! While we do agree that lipstick is a must-have product, it was an unexpected answer when it came to bringing it to a deserted island. Though, if you happen to find any other civilisation on the island, looking good is a definite must to leave a nice first impression. And what better way to look good than having your lips look luscious with your favourite lipstick! Try out this moisturising and long-lasting lipstick that our members absolutely adore for that perfect put together look!



Overall Rating: 4.7/5

The colour was beautiful & it is perfect for a date night or party ???? The smell was great and the lipstick was moisturizing for my dry lips 🙂


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Lip Balm

As someone with dry lips that crack even with religious application of lip balm, we can totally understand how lip balm is one thing you can’t live without. When there is a limited supply of water on a deserted island, the only way you can moisturise your lips is with a lip balm. Cracking lips are never comfortable and this is going into my emergency bag for emergency use from now on. This highly raved lip balm amongst our members is a great choice to give your lips that extra bit of hydration!



Overall Rating: 4.7/5

“The packaging looks just like a normal lipstick. It’s not too oily, smooth and easy to apply, it’s long lasting. Most important to me is that there isn’t any strong or artificial smell to it.”


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