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The Top 3 Foods of the 2020 Try and Review Awards that you need to try now!


Our awards have come to an end and we are excited to announce the top 3 grand winners of the food category for 2020! Of the thousands of products reviewed, the following 3 products received the most votes and highest ratings in the Food category. From sweet to savory, and everything in between, find out which foods were rated the best and why you have to try them now.


The Top 3 Grand Winners


With thousands of votes, NESTLÉ Kit Kat came in as the grand winner in not just one, but three countries! This says a lot about how delicious they are and how much people love it! The Filipinos, Malaysians, and Vietnamese all agreed that the creamy milk chocolate and thin crispy wafers are the best! It’s the perfect combination of creamy and crispy as our User from the Philippines @rhea.ognilla5d4450f3a11f0 explains that “This is my favorite chocolate ever. The crunchiness and the sweet chocolate blend so well!” and rated it 5 stars.

Our members love that they are vegetarian-friendly! In addition to NESTLÉ Kit Kat being absolutely delicious, the cocoa used to make this beloved product is sustainably sourced. NESTLÉ has also made a commitment to help cocoa farmers improve their quality of life. A tasty snack and company values that rock, make this product a top pick for a lot of our members as User @liendang0811 from Vietnam says that “Chocolate Kit Kat has a strong, irresistible flavor. Outside is covered with a layer of very sweet and curled chocolate, inside is a sponge cake. These 2 types blend together to give people a great delicious feeling. The rich, not too greasy chocolate flavor is great. Overall I am very satisfied with this product.”. User @Saba84 from Malaysia could not agree more as she loves this product because “The combination of a crispy wafer with tasty milk chocolate works well and makes for a satisfying snack. It is a classic. It is great while enjoying coffee and it is literally perfect. The best chocolate to share, and the best part is that it is not even that sweet, you can easily eat so many Kit Kats without noticing.”



2020 Try and Review Awards - Members

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