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A Safer Detergent For You and Your Family


How often do we pay attention to the laundry detergents that we buy for our regular use? Do we know what ingredients they contain and how safe they are especially for children?

Even if you’re a conscious consumer, it’s quite easy to buy into flashy advertisements and promising marketing copy. Amidst so many detergent brands and bombarding advertisements, it’s difficult to choose the right one for you and your family. It’s even harder to believe that a plant-based detergent could perform as effectively as any other detergents out there!

That’s why we have done the hard work for you! 646 TryandReview.com Malaysian members tested and reviewed Seventh Generation detergents in either Free and Clear or Fresh Lavender variant.

Seventh Generation laundry detergent is a safer and better choice for families and children. It is made with natural plant-based ingredients and contains no dyes, synthetic fragrances or artificial brighteners. The detergent has strong stain-removing properties without harmful chemicals and will leave your clothes shining and smelling heavenly.

As an eco-friendly brand, Seventh Generation actively works towards a better and greener planet. Not only does the brand use recycled and biodegradable materials, but they also offer liquid detergents in heavily concentrated solutions to reduce packaging. Good news for vegans as well – the cruelty-free brand contains no animal ingredients in it.

Out of 646 testers, 600 reviewers have rated the product highly for containing no harsh chemicals. Thanks to its plant-based ingredients, the detergent is specially made for sensitive skin and testers have found the laundry detergent to be very safe for every member of their family, even the young ones.

Parents can be assured when using Seventh Generation Laundry detergent for their babies’ clothes, as many of our mommy users have mentioned that the detergents did not irritate their newborns’ delicate skin.

 The safest laundry detergent by @alizasara
Photo by @alizasara


“Mommy @alizasara says: “Since I have a newborn baby now, I love that it’s suitable for babies as its made out of plant-based ingredients, giving me less worries on what I expose to my little one”.



The detergent scores are high for its stain-removing ability. 98% of users agree that the detergent removes tough stains like grease, dirt, or food easily while preserving the original colour of the fabrics without leaving any residue behind.

 The safest laundry detergent by amymohd87
Photo by @amymohd87

“User @amymohd87 mentioned, “The thick but lightweight formula washed off stubborn stains, which is really great especially for working moms like me. Hassle-free!

Artificial fragrances have been replaced by essential oils of lavender, citrus and many others. 80% of our users said that the detergent smelled really wonderful. Users who received Fresh Lavender scent repeatedly mentioned how it leaves a sweet fragrance that lingers in their clothes and in their homes for very long.

The natural and calming scent of the lavender variant is loved by most.

“User @alizasara stated, “I honestly LOVE the scent of this. Especially when I wear my night clothes to go to sleep; this has that nice lavender smell that is really relaxing as I doze off to bed.”

Our Malaysian users are so satisfied after using the Seventh Generation detergents that 96% of them can’t wait to recommend it to their friends and family. Meanwhile, 94% of users will gladly repurchase the detergent for regular use.

Keep reading if you’re curious to find out what our Malaysian reviewers can’t stop raving about!

A Very Safe Product For My Son  The safest laundry detergent by @diejah94

“I love that the scent is still there even drying clothes in the house during the haze. It also softens clothes. My son has mild eczema so choosing the right detergent is a must for us.”

Rated 4.8/5 by @diejah94




 The safest laundry detergent by @BalqisFarishaSafest Detergent for Baby Clothes and Our Environment

“Just by opening the cap I can smell the natural scents of lavender. So calm and refreshing. Even if it is powered by plants, Seventh Generation is very tough in removing stains. It is safe for babies as I also use it to wash my baby clothes and nappies. She really loves it! One thing that I love the most about this detergent it doesn’t leave soap residue on my clothes. It is easy to rinse off even by hand-washing. If you are searching for the safest, effective yet environmentally friendly detergent, Seventh Generation is the one you can rely on!!”

-Rated 5/5 by @BalqisFarisha

Seventh Generation for your family @tengkunurisa

Leaves Your Home Smelling Great!

“Love cleaning with this product. Honestly, the smell and scents are so amazing. They make cleaning fun and leave your home smelling great. Not to mention how they are safe products to have in your home and around kids. Love this detergent. I have only recently purchased it myself! The freshness and cleanliness of my clothes last for a while and I don’t need a lot of it to clean a whole load!”

Rated 5/5 by @tengkunurisa


Seventh Generation Laundry @TiraaDoesn’t Irritate My Baby’s Sensitive Skin

“I fell in love with this product because it is gentle to the skin but it also could remove stains effectively. The detergent is also suitable to wash my baby clothes and toys and doesn’t leave a strong chemical smell. My baby suffers from eczema and this detergent doesn’t irritate her skin. It is truly heaven-sent.”

Rated 5/5 by @Tiraa

 The safest laundry detergent by @_aiinyusofSo In Love With This!

“I loveee how this product works on me and my family’s clothes! Now my clothes don’t smell, even if I’m using only a cup for a fully-loaded washer. No smelly clothes even if I’m drying my clothes inside the house. Seventh Generation detergent cleans and removes stains perfectly without ruining the colour of my clothes. Totally recommend to family and friends ????”

Rated 4.6/5 by @_aiinyusof


Seventh Generation by @azlienAmazing Scent & Removes Stains

“Fresh scents. Really loves the fresh lavender; even when it’s dry, the scent lingers wherever the garments are. Even the wardrobe smells great. It really cleans the garments. You know when the kids eat on their own, they simply wipe their greasy hands on their clothes. Those grease stubborn stains are easily washable with Seventh Generations Laundries. Love it so much will repeatedly use Seventh Generation.”

Rated 5/5 by @azlien


You can easily purchase these detergents at any one of these retailers: Shopee (Fresh Lavender and Free and Clear 1L for RM18.80) and Lazada (Fresh Lavender and Free and Clear 1L for RM18.80)

To know more about Seventh Generation and their products, don’t forget to visit their website and Instagram.


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