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These Tips To Keep The House Clean During COVID-19 Are A MUST


The outbreak of Covid-19 may have forced you to work from home and spend more time in your house. As you and your family members will use the space in your home more than ever, it becomes essential to clean the common areas especially during this period of time. Along with washing your hands frequently and keeping the area sanitized, we need to take the cleaning chore a step further and consciously disinfect areas that we often touch. We have gathered some essential tips to keep the house clean with the right products.

Disinfect The Surfaces You Commonly Use: Toilet Bowls

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One of the most used surfaces and the one that easily gets infected with germs are the toilet bowls. Cleaning toilet bowls may be the least preferable task to do for you but during a major virus outbreak, it is a must to ensure that they are kept clean and fresh for a long time. You can use the Mr. Muscle Fresh Discs Toilet cleaner that is very easy to use, effectively kills germs with every flush and prevents them from returning.

“I have been using this product and i have to say.. kudos to mr muscle for this super invention!! Whole toilet now smells good and a disc gel can last for a week! Also it clean the bowl well..will definitely recommend to all relatives and friends????”

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