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Review Challenge – Review your favourite Beauty and Skincare products!

COVID-19 has left many of us in a serious mood. However, we know that everyone always look forward to our monthly #ReviewChallenge so we did not let the virus stop this from happening. We hope that despite the uncertain situation., we are able to bring positivity, hope and some fun to everyone. Therefore, This month is all about self-care, and what better way to show yourself some tender love and care than skincare! We want to know what your favourite skincare and beauty products are that helps you feel beautiful inside and out.

By participating this month, you will have the chance to win our Mystery Bag filled with surprise products for you to try, and all for a price of zero! Each Mystery Bag will contain at least two products from various categories ranging from skincare, makeup to personal, haircare and more!

The rules for this month:

  1. Be a member of Try and Review if you are not one yet. Check out our website to find out how to become a member with us!
  2. Write an honest and thoughtful review on 3 or more skincare or beauty products on our WEBSITE.⁠
  3. When you have sent your reviews, comment your Try and Review username and your country on our Instagram/Facebook post about the Review Challenge!

Contest Requirements:

  • Only Reviews submitted from 25 March to 4 April will be considered for the challenge. Reviews left that are not within this time period will not be counted for this particular challenge.
  • You must review at least 3 different products in the skincare or beauty category. You can post more reviews, but not less than 3.
  • Only reviews that are posted on the WEBSITE will be considered for the challenge. All reviews out of the website (eg. Facebook and Instagram) will not be counted.

It is that simple! So don’t wait any longer and review away! Remember, the more reviews and the better written they are, the higher your chances are at winning the challenge!⁠


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