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Review Challenge – Valentine’s Day Edition

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to come up with a fun Review Challenge for you guys!

Whether you decided to stay home and relax with your special one or go out on a romantic date, we’re sure you took the time to pamper yourself and look all pretty! So this month, we want to know what are some beauty products that you are loving (makeup or skincare). By participating, you get the chance to win our Mystery Bag with exciting products for you to try on for FREE!⁠

These Mystery Bags are a surprise for you and will have at least 2 products from various categories such as beauty, skincare, haircare, personal care…etc for you to try and leave a review on.

However, this month, we want you to send a picture of yourself along with your 3 or more reviews. So along with our fun Mystery Bags, the best pictures will also be featured on our blog and Instagram!

Here are the rules for this month

1) Become a member of Try and Review if you are not yet a member. Check out our Instagram story to see how you can become a member and leave your reviews.⁠

⁠2) Write an honest and thoughtful review on 3 or more beauty products ⁠

⁠3) ????Share at least 1 picture of yourself with any 1 of your 3 reviews. This can be an #ootd, #motd or even a flatlay.⁠

⁠4) After you have submitted your 3 reviews with a picture on our website, comment your Try and Review Username and your country on our instagram/facebook.

Contest Requirements:

  • Only Reviews submitted from 14 February to 24 February will be considered for the challenge. Even if you have written reviews previously, they will not be counted for the challenge if they are not within this timeline.
  • You must have a minimum of 3 reviews on different products to qualify. You can submit more than 3 but not less. And AT LEAST 1 picture.
  • Your reviews must be left on the website under the products you want to review and NOT on Instagram or Facebook.

So hurry and start sending your reviews NOW! Remember, the better the quality of your reviews, the higher your chances of winning will be.


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