Shoe alert: Track-soled sandals

Track-soled sandals

Have you heard about this controversial summer sandal trend? Featuring a trainer-like sole with velcro or buckle straps, these sandals are reminiscent of the shoes which we wore to the playground in the ’90s when we didn’t know any better or even worse, shoes temporarily stolen from your Dad… They’re definitely not the most pretty or delicate-looking shoes with their utilitarian appearance but they’ve been popping up on both the fashion runway and on the high street.

With designers such as Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Marni paving the way for these sandals on the runway, it seems like this new sandal trend might be here to stay. Could track-soled sandals be the next Birkenstocks? Once ridiculed for being associated with support footwear for the elderly, they are now widely seen as acceptable flats for those lazy laid-back days.

Perhaps this is all due to the increased blurring of lines between fashion and comfort. With recent fashion trends such as palazzo pants, midi skirts and slingback shoes, we can all agree that fashion has become synonymous with feeling comfortable and looking effortless. You can’t deny that these track-soled sandals certainly look comfortable, right?

If you’re unsure about how to style these sandals without looking too old-school or aged, your best bet is to pair it with more modern clothing pieces which veer on the more minimalistic side. Try not to pair it with too loud or graphic prints unless you want to look like you haven’t upgraded your style from the ’80s or ’90s! So how do feel about this new sandal trend – is it a yay or a nay?

Photo Credit: Christian Dior

Vanessa Ang