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Netflix Drama: 5 New Series You Need To Watch In May


Netflix has spoiled us with a lot of new releases in May. With so many options, our Try and Review Netflix-addicts decided to help you filter out the must-watch drama series this month. From Reality dramas to Crime, Teenage, and Thriller dramas, you will definitely find something in this list to fuel your Netflix addiction.

And because you guys showed so much love to our previous article in which our team members suggested to you their favourite underrated Netflix shows, we decided to bring another one for May. In this article, we will share with you 5 Netflix Drama Series that we have been loving. So cozy-up this weekend and get your favourite snacks ready! You’ll need it when you binge them.

Reality Show Drama Series

Too Hot To Handle_Reality Drama

T&R team member: Divya, Community Manager
Recommended Show: Too Hot To Handle
Who Is It For: Those who enjoy Reality Drama

Too hot to handle is a reality series with youngsters who are unable to live without having physical intimacy. What makes this show so funny is that they all participated thinking that they will be in one house with other good looking people and be able to do whatever they want. But in reality, they have to abstain from having any physical intimacy. If they break the rules, their winning prize money will get lower and lower.

It was honestly just so funny watching “horny” people break the rules and sacrifice their $100,000. There is also quite a bit of drama and disagreements amongst the housemates which I personally enjoy watching. Honestly, this show will kill your brain cells but it is extremely entertaining and it will make you laugh. So if you are looking for a no-brainer, short reality series just to kill time, definitely give this one a go.

Korean Teenage-Drama Series

Extracurricular_Teenage drama series

T&R team member: Min, Marketing and Community Intern
Recommended Show: Extracurricular
Who Is It For: Those who like teenage dramas and crime

Extracurricular is a 10-episode drama that surrounds the story of Oh Jisoo, a high schooler who has high grades and zero demerit points. However, he runs an escort/prostitution service out of school — hence, Extracurricular — to earn money for his college education. It’s interesting to watch the contrast of the characters in and out of school, one rule-abiding and the other lawbreaking. Especially as the prostitutes Jisoo (the main character) provides are minors. I haven’t finished the drama yet but just one episode was enough to get me hooked on all the potential drama plots with more of Jisoo’s schoolmates being involved in his crimes. The character depth is also interesting as it’s really not just what you see on the surface and you really get hooked trying to figure out their individual characters. And it always helps that the actor looks good on the eye ????

Japanese Thriller Series

Crisis_Japanese Drama Series

T&R team member: Tristal, Campaign Coordinator
Recommended Show
: Crisis
Who Is It For: Those who enjoy thriller shows based on social and political issues.

A Japanese series about a special task force that is put together to combat any kind of terrorism that is happening in Japan. It tackles ethics, personal conflicts, child prostitution and also the inequalities of society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The show has some funny elements in it and quite an eye opening on certain social issues are being talked about here. I like watching these kinds of shows as it is so different from my life and it makes me see things I am not used to. It feels like I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring a different side of the world.”

Swedish Suspense Series

Caliphate_Swedish drama

T&R team member: Ankit, Business Strategy & Development Manager
Recommended Show
: Caliphate
Who Is It For: The ones who like to know more about terrorism and its impact

The series is a portrayal of Islam in modern-day Europe and how easy it is for terrorist organizations to radicalize young children in the name of religion. It’s shocking to see how people can be deluded into terrorist activities and lose complete sense of reality. Definitely an eye-opener! The series is backed by a gripping storyline based on true occurrences & brilliant performances by the entire cast. It’s full of twists and turns with no dull moments. I spent an entire Sunday binge-watching all 8 episodes of Season 1 and cannot wait to see what Season 2 has in store!

Documentary Series

Tales by Light_documentary series

T&R team member: Tiffaine, Campaign Success Manager
Recommended Show
: Tales by Light
Who Is It For: Those who enjoy watching nature documentaries

This series of short episodes of 25 minutes display the lifetime battles of journalists and photographers who want to show the world. I loved absolutely everything about it: the amazing cinematography, the stories, and Orlando Bloom in episodes 1/2.

If you’re a diver like I am, You’ll love episodes 3 and 4 about the undersea. I warn you though..the series might make you emotional. I cried watching the first episode. But so worth it!

If you have finished everything on this list and want more entertainment, we got you. We also narrowed down 5 unique Youtube Channels that you should give a watch. Let us know in the comments if you have watched any of these series or if you have any more to recommend.

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