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The Body Shop Launches their Latest Zesty Skincare Range To Sort Your Summer Skin


Summer skincare routines need to be extra special. As much as we love the sun, bright blue skies and the beach, the heat and humidity aren’t the best for our skin. You are more prone to dehydration, excessive oiliness, clogged pores, and rashes or bumps. The Body Shop took it upon themselves to create the perfect summer skincare line to give your skin the best care in the heat.

What’s the secret? Cucumbers and lemons! These are the 2 main ingredients used in The Body Shop’s latest summer skincare products. Summer skincare routines are all about replenishing the skin, cooling the skin naturally, and most importantly healing the skin from the sun damage. This is why we absolutely loved the idea of cucumbers and lemons in skincare products!

Benefits of Cucumber and Lemon in Summer Skin Care

Cucumbers are great to hydrate your skin which is a must during summers and to prevent excessive oily skin. It also has antioxidant properties, vitamin A and vitamin C that help with treating sunburns and soothing skin irritations to prevent rashes and bumps. It also helps to cleanse the pores to prevent bumps and itching.

Who do we recommend the cucumber range for:
For people who need to constantly shave in the summers and those who suffer from dry and sensitive skin.

While lemons on its own should never be used, lemons used in skincare products. can actually be great for our summer skincare routines. Lemon is very strong in vitamin C which is perfect for brightening our skin and preventing discolouration during summers. It is great for those with naturally oily skin due to its sebum-controlling properties. It is also an astringent which means that it works like an antibacterial and prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Who do we recommend the lemon range for:
For people who suffer from oily skin and tend to break out on their bodies. It is also good for someone who tans easily or suffers from an uneven skin tone.

Why are we so excited about the Body Shop Summer Skin Care Range?

The Body Shop has personally been my go-to for skincare products. Especially since I have skin that gets easily irritated and breaks out with bumps after I shave. Its body butters and exfoliators saved my skin. So when I saw that they released a skincare range especially for the summers, I knew I had to get my hands on them because I stay in a country that stays humid and hot throughout the year.

Let us know in the comments below if you tried these products out!

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