Mental Focus: 4 ways this energy shot helps to boost energy and beat mental fatigue

Mental Focus: 4 ways this energy shot helps to boost energy and beat mental fatigue
This article is written in partnership with 5-hour ENERGY® Singapore. All opinions shared are based on authentic and honest reviews from real users. Please note that results may vary from individuals.

We all need a little help to put that extra pep in our step from time to time. To find out if the Regular Strength 5-hour ENERGY shot could hold up against long days at work and during workouts, we have engaged 122 real users to put it to the test. 86% of users agree that the 5-hour ENERGY beats mental fatigue and improves energy levels. Read on to find out how you can easily recharge yourself too!

4 Ways 5-hour ENERGY shot helps boost energy

1. It helps boost energy by giving better mental focus 

Mental Focus: 4 ways this energy shot helps to boost energy and beat mental fatigue

Whether it’s the sleepiness in the morning or the afternoon slump from a food coma, sharpening up your mental focus will improve your productivity at work. User @Marcuslow noted, “I’ve been feeling lethargic, especially at work. No matter how early I sleep, I still feel like I didn’t sleep enough. This energy drink helps to give me more energy at work.” User @Poohboar also agreed, “Tastes nice and really gives me back my concentration, especially in the afternoon after lunch”.

2. It helps boost energy through sustained energy

5 hour energy reviewsUnlike a sugar high that comes with a crash, the 5-hour ENERGY shot keeps you energized and in the zone for longer durations. Accordingly, User @Daddylaughing notes, “I’m a Chinese chef, and weekends are unbearable. Tried this Energy Supplement on 2 different occasions, and it is awesome. The lasting effect pulled me through a 12-hour shift at the last mile. It keeps me focused on the incoming orders and physical energy needed for frying and tossing Chinese Wok.” Similarly, user @Adrielchua69 agrees, “This little bottle is very potent! I drank one bottle in the morning at about 9:30 am. It gave me energy till about 2 am.” 

3. It helps boost energy without the calories 

5 hour energyEnergy boosters like gummies and sugary energy drinks are road bumps for users who are conscientious about their health and diet. Thus, having a low-sugar and calorie option is always a plus. User @Ahting06 noted, “I love the taste, and it is zero sugar with only 4 calories. Perfect for me when I am trying to lose weight.” Similarly, @TheSir mentioned, “Just half a bottle gave me a good boost. Felt less tired after drinking it. It’s also good to know that it only has 4 calories and no sugar.”

4. It helps boost energy at your convenience

4 ways this energy shot helps to boost energy and beat mental fatigueThe small bottle size of 57ml makes it portable and convenient to carry around. With its mental focus benefits, this is incredibly convenient for busy individuals or even for those who do not want to feel bloated right before a workout. User @Jiayi_kel agreed, “Easy to drink and easy to bring out.” User @Alexliyx tested it for a run and commented, “It does give me the extra boost of energy to go faster. I also don’t feel that tired after the run”.


Each shot is packed with vitamins B6, B12 and B3, all of which play a vital role in producing more energy for your body. Available in 4 flavours (Cool Mint Lemonade, Grape, Orange and Peach Tea) and in pocket-friendly size (57ml). Pick one up at 5-hour ENERGY online store and major retailers Amazon, FairPrice, foodpanda, Guardian, RedMart and Sheng Shiong.

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