Hair Mask for Damaged Hair: Try & Review Member Approved

Hair Mask for Damaged Hair: Try and Review Member Approved

Adding a hair mask for damaged hair to your hair routine is necessary if your hair is damaged and needs help. Hair damage is common due to many reasons including using hot appliances or simply neglecting it. The good news is that it is easy to repair damage with a hair mask. If you are ready to have healthy, gorgeous hair again then keep on reading to learn about the one product Try & Review users love that will elevate your appearance by giving your hair life again.

Choosing Your Hair Mask

In order to choose the right hair mask, you need to determine the state of your hair. For example, having dry and frizzy hair means you need a mask with natural oils which will help repair your locks and promote a healthy scalp. Key ingredients include keratin protein, hyaluronic acid, fruit oils, and shea butter. 

If you have thick, and hard to manage curls, opt for masks that contain shea butter, avocado extract, and almond oil. Your hair will be supple and smooth with the oily texture of the mask. 

“Repair Hair Damage And Restore Health To My Scalp”
Try & Review member @Missytangtang, who is 42 years old this year with dry and thin hair tried Kusabana Damage Repair Hair Mask for three days and has “nothing but good raves about it. It is blended with 6 oils and extracts such as Camellia and Argan oil and the mask helps to protect my hair from UVB and oxidant damage. Not only is my scalp healthier and not so sensitive, my hair is quite smooth with radiance and shine.”


“Good Mask, Restores Hair Shine and Elasticity”
For 42 year old @Narahs who has dry and damaged hair, it brought her damaged hair back to life. Her “hair is so soft and easy to comb after using Kusabana hair mask.” Kusbana Hair Mask contains 90% natural derived ingredients which helps restore hair shine and elasticity. This is also a great product to help with breakage

“Restored Damaged Color Treated Hair”
If you have damaged color treated hair like @Meow0704, Kusabana Hair Mask is the product you need. After she tried it for 3 consecutive days, it helped “strengthen and detangle, damaged color treated hair and restored its natural beauty”. 

Hair Mask Benefits for Damaged Hair

The Kusabana Damage Repair Hair Mask is the answer to all your worries regarding your damaged hair. The 6 oils and extracts blended in the product helps protect from UVB and oxidant damage. 

Other benefits include:

  • Silky and smooth locks
  • Re-hydration of hair
  • Protection for color-treated hair

Another highly rated hair mask that could be good for damaged hair is the L’oréal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Balm Hair Mask. Try & Review Singapore member @Ktkuay who is 46 year old this year said it is “very moisturising for my dry hair and it only takes 2-3 min to work” and “a little bit goes a long way”. It’s incredible how short a time is needed to help repair dry and damaged hair!


Opting for a hair mask that suits your hair texture and type can make a difference in the health of your hair. With consistent use of the Kusabana Hair Mask, you will start to see the results in no time. 

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