Hair and Scalp Treatment Review: Does this Jonsson Protein Hair Growth Treatment help with hair loss and dandruff?

Scalp treatment by Jonsson Protein

A scalp treatment is often the last thing on our minds whenever we think about hair care. However, it is one of the most effective ways to achieve the healthy, thick and luscious hair that we desire. Try and Review invited Jessie, one of our members who has been suffering from dandruff and hair loss to experience a hair growth treatment at Jonsson Protein. Here is her honest review on her first visit to Jonsson Protein as she shares her overall experience there.

Jessie’s Scalp Treatment Review: Trying out Jonsson Protein’s Signature Protein Hair Growth Treatment

Common scalp problems can cause a lot of irritation and hair loss. I was in complete shock at the state of my infected scalp when I realised that I was experiencing some hair loss months ago. Another issue I was facing was dandruff. Knowing that one must make a huge effort to take good care of your scalp for healthier-looking hair, I decided to give Jonsson Protein a try and went for their signature Protein Hair Growth Treatment.

Reception Picture

I visited their SingPost outlet for the first time and was greeted by their friendly staff the moment I entered. I did the usual check-in via TraceTogether and completed some registration forms for them. The process was relatively fast and pretty seamless. 

Protein Hair Growth & Scalp Treatment: Consultation

Consultation Process

The consultant and therapist at Jonsson Protein who attended to me helped to scan my hair and scalp to identify what hair problems I am currently experiencing. She then explained that my scalp was pretty oily. Another hair issue identified was that there was a lot of dandruff covering my scalp, which could be causing my hair loss as it blocks new hair from growing healthily. Of course, my consultant recommended that I undergo their signature Protein Hair Growth Treatment. She informed me that there were a total of 6 steps in this hair scalp treatment.

VE Protein Hair & Scalp Treatment: The treatment process

Step 1: Deep Cleanse & Massage

Hair Cleansing

My therapist started to massage and deep cleanse my hair with their special shampoo She said that it can help with eliminating any stubborn impurities that may be blocking my hair follicles. Also, the head massage was very ‘shiok’ and relaxing.

Step 2: Protein Mask Treatment

Mask Treatment

After the ‘shiok’ hair wash, my therapist applied a Hair Mask to nourish and replenish the protein lacking in my hair. Then, she wrapped my hair with a towel to let my scalp and hair soak in all the goodness.

Step 3: Thermal Revitalisation

Therma treatment

Then, she put me under a hair steamer to undergo the 30-minute Thermal Revitalisation. I love that it helps with improving blood circulation and disinfecting my scalp. The hair steaming will help to relieve my sensitive scalp and restore my hair to its optimal condition.

After the mask and scalp treatment, the therapist treated me to a bonus service by rubbing my scalp to remove stubborn dandruff. I was really surprised by this step, as I had never experienced this before from other salon treatments. I was worried that it would hurt since I knew my scalp was already suffering from a bit of infection. But thankfully, she was gentle so I felt almost nothing at all.

Step 4: Rejuvenating Ampoule

Rejuvenating Ampoule

The therapist applied Rejuvenating Ampoule to my scalp areas while explaining to me that it will help to replenish the nutrients and hydrate my scalp.

Step 5: Nutrifying Essence 

Nutrifying Essence

She added the Nutrifying Essence to my scalp and followed this up with a relieving scalp massage again. This was really the best part because it definitely helped me relax a lot.

Step 6: Professional Styling

The treatment ended with a professional blow-dry and styling as the final step to the Jonsson Protein Signature Protein Hair Growth Treatment! This was the perfect ending to the hair and scalp treatment.

VE Protein Hair & Scalp Treatment: Results (Before & After)

After using Jonsson Protein Hair Growth Treatment, we can see a difference in these images, of course results may vary depending on skin and hair type.

After the entire treatment, we did another scan to compare the before and after results. 

My scalp condition definitely improved a lot as you can see and compare in the BEFORE/AFTER photos above!

The BEFORE photo – My scalp was covered by a layer of hard/oily dandruff. 

In the AFTER photo – my scalp is so much more well-cleansed and dandruff has significantly improved after this treatment!

Final Look

The best part? I love how clean my scalp feels after the treatment! Also, I really love the top-notch service rendered to me throughout my time there. I really enjoyed my first experience with Jonsson Protein and I would strongly recommend you to give it a try too! Check them out at their 3 outlets – Plaza Singapura, SingPost and Westgate!

Protein Hair Growth & Scalp Treatment: Final thoughts on my experience

What I have learnt from this experience is that although there are many hair products to cleanse my scalp with, it is always good to head to a professional like Jonsson Protein. Although scalp treatments in a salon would cost you more than the products you buy off the shelves, it really is worth the investment! Always remember that having a healthy scalp is the most crucial in ensuring that your hair is in a healthy and top-notch condition!

The benefit of scalp treatment is not only the shiny and luscious locks. It also helps to regulate sebum production, remove my dandruff, eliminate impurities and dead skin cells. These benefits will also directly help me with my hair loss problems. I’m so glad that Jonsson Protein has done that for me. I will now try to maintain the new state of my hair and scalp.

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  1. Hi, may i know how long is the hair treatment? How many sessions we need to take to be effectively free of scalp itch m see hair growth? What’s the cost per treatment n whole package?

    • Dear James, we have asked Jonsson Growth Protein on your behalf and here are their replies:

      1. The hair treatment duration
      First visit will take around 1.5 to 2 hours, inclusive of scalp analysis and treatment.

      2. How many sessions needed to see the effect on scalp itch improvement and hair growth
      Depends on individual scalp condition as treatments are all customised. The Consultant will only be able to advise after the scalp analysis during the first visit.

      3. The cost per treatment also if there is any package price
      As mentioned, all treatments are customised, there’s no standard package price.

      Hope this gives you a better understanding and if you have any other questions, feel free to explore and reach out to them at
      Try and Review Team

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