Feminine Hygiene: 3 Key Steps to Optimal Vaginal Health Recommended by Our Community

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When it comes to feminine hygiene, most of us tend to overcomplicate things when really, less is more. Keeping these areas clean and hygienic is an essential part of overall body hygiene. Instead of utilising a wide variety of products, a simple routine is the key to ensuring that your vagina stays happy and healthy. 80% of our members recommended the Multi-Gyn’s FemiWash and ActiGel and shared with us the benefits of using the right techniques for you.

Be it an active lifestyle or busy schedule, many women tend to neglect the importance of personal feminine hygiene. When the time comes for a little extra self-care, we purchase an array of products without fully understanding our needs and wants. Feminine hygiene doesn’t have to be that complicated! All we need is a few key steps to ensuring that our intimate areas are in the best shape daily.

Feminine Hygiene – Common problems in our intimate areas

Hormonal changes, side effects of medication, emotional and psychological issues can sometimes affect our intimate area. Overuse of scented products with foreign chemicals, detergents and even dirty clothing can also cause discomfort and an odour to develop. According to our Try and Review member @Nabilah_K, she “tried various cream/gel ointments including ones with much harshers substances like cortisone”. These products only provided “short term relief” and the issue persisted once she stopped using the products.

Prolonged usage of sanitary pads or panty liners without regular changes can also be another cause of irritation. Try and Review member @Butterene81 struggled with “having recurrence of yeast infection after every period” and found it hard to reduce the discomfort. To avoid these problems, it is important to learn the steps to keep your vagina healthy. Our community also shares with us their experiences using Multi-Gyn’s Femiwash and ActiGel for instant relief!

Feminine Hygiene – 3 Important steps for optimal vaginal health

It only takes three essential steps to ensure your vagina is free of odour and overall discomfort from sensitivity.

1. Keeping the area clean

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the cleanliness of your private areas. The use of harsh or scented soaps to clean the vagina daily could result in an unhealthy bacterial balance. Harmful chemicals such as glycerol, perfumes or even antiseptic in these products could lead to the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Using the right cleansing products is vital to obtain optimal health. Multi-Gyn’s Femiwash is a soap-free, non-irritating cleansing emulsion with no added perfume. We asked a few of our members what they thought and here’s what they have to say!

Try and Review member @ReamyTry and Review member @Flo Chen was “very impressed” with the results of the Femiwash as it “feels so mild and not (irritating) to use daily”. She also realised the wash “kept her intimate area refreshing”. @Reamy shared the same sentiment and believes it is “suitable for everyday use”. She “loved the delicate smell” of the wash and “clean-feel” that was “not drying after use”. The wash also guarantees to be “truly non irritating” and help “neutralise odours”. This is great for people with sensitive skin because of how gentle it is. Member @noralinda deemed it to be the “best feminine wash ever!” and highly recommends it for ladies.

The presence of pubic hair is another factor affecting the cleanliness of your intimate areas. Hair protects the outer vulvar skin from friction and any bacterial infections. If you choose to wax or shave, ensure the correct technique is used so you will not be left with any ingrown hair, dry or injured skin!

Suitable clothing with breathable fabrics also makes for a happy vagina. The moisture-wicking feature of cotton underwear ensures that the amount of wetness and resultant bacterial growth is kept to a minimum. Regularly changing out of old and wet clothing or underwear also helps in reducing problems such as itch and redness.

2. Treating it right

In any case of irritation from bacteria, soothing and treatment is the next step you want to take. If you experience symptoms such as unpleasant odour or discharge, remember to avoid any scented soaps with unfamiliar chemicals or even bubble baths. Intimate gels and wash for women ensures that the vagina maintains or rebalances the natural pH levels. Multi-Gyn’s Actigel is perfect for offering direct relief for Bacterial Vaginosis at the intimate area. Apple the gel to the external area to enjoy a soothing sensation. 9 in 10 women would switch to ActiGel for instant relief & effective cure for odor & discharge.

Try and Review member @Nabilah_K@Nabilah_K recommends this product as it “works wonders for (her) in improving her overly sensitive (vaginal) area”. Once she switched over to ActiGel, it helped to “ease (her) sensitive itchy and (red) V” within just 5 days. It not only “can be used externally and internally (based on your needs)” but it also helped balance her pH levels. Member @elaine0707 also found that the product was “amazing” and “suitable people who have sensitive skin”.



3. Maintaining a balanced diet

Achieving a hygienic vagina is highly dependent on the types of foods we eat on a daily basis. To obtain optimal vaginal health, opt for a diet that is rich in nutrients. Foods with antioxidants, Vitamin E and C, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and protein are key to a healthy heart, mind and body. Natural yogurts rich in the right types and amounts of good bacteria and probiotics protect the vagina’s naturally acidic levels. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely enjoy your daily dose of chocolate. Everything in moderation!

Time to get started on your very own self-care journey to achieving a healthy vagina with just these three easy steps! Make sure you dedicate some time out of each day to preparing the right meals, changing out of old clothes, personal grooming and feminine hygiene. Multi-Gyn’s FemiWash and ActiGel have got your back, too.

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