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HomeMakeupAt home beauty treatments you can do if you can’t go to...

At home beauty treatments you can do if you can’t go to the salon!


Times are tough as we continue to practice self-isolation. However, it feels worse when you don’t look your best. Your gel nails are starting to chip, your unibrow and moustache is making a comeback and lets not forget the stress pimples saying hello to you because of all the junk food you might be consuming. But we are here to help you! We often think that it is really hard to keep ourselves groomed at home because it requires so much skill. While we won’t argue with that, we are here to tell you about some easy at home beauty treatments and tips that you can do to make yourself feel brand new again!

Shaping your eyebrows!

beauty treatments
Source: Pinterest

The idea of maintaining eyebrows ourselves can feel daunting especially when you remember the times you may have gone overboard and plucked your eyebrows a little too much! But with these few simple tips, you can actually get some pretty decent looking eyebrows yourself and without any eyebrow shaping mishaps!

  • Start your plucking process right after a shower or after you have washed your face. At this point, your skin is soft which makes plucking easier and less painful
  • Use a nice sharp slanted pair of tweezers that can grasp even fine little hair and get close to the mirror.
  • Use your eye pencil to shape your eyebrows first. THIS IS KEY! If you don’t outline your brows, you may go overboard when plucking. Only pluck hairs that are outside the line.

And that is it! To ensure your eyebrows don’t grow back too much, keep plucking a little every other day to maintain it.

Body Hair Removal!

Now we know that a lot of females prefer waxing especially when it comes to the hair down there! While making your own wax at home is a possibility, it does require a lot of skills! If not you will just find yourself in a big sticky mess!

Body Hair Removal at-home
Hand photo created by jcomp –

When done right, shaving is a quick, cheap and effective option to remove excess body hair from ANYWHERE! And they can last you 2-3 days up to a week! We have a whole article dedicated to shaving the right way which we would urge you to check out!

Shaving is scary for some people especially for their intimate parts because of the fear of cuts and ingrown hair. So our big tip for you will be to EXFOLIATE WELL!
Always moisturize your skin after you shave. Try and Review members love this old school aloe vera lotion by Vaseline which has a rating of 4.9/5 for its moisture.


At home beauty salon
credits @Marissaccjl

Apart from washing your face with a cleanser everyday, you need to deep clean your face once in a while to clear out all the gunk from deep within your pores. Salon facials are great for that and they have so much variety as well. But what can you do now since that is not possible! You can DIY a little mask at home with only 1 to 2 ingredients. From avocados to eggs and yoghurt to bananas, there are a lot of natural ingredients that can be beneficial to your skin type. If you have no idea what to put on your face, we suggest this article by ELLE that has 8 DIY masks you can make and they explain in detail the benefits of each ingredient. You can also check out @farahdukhai on instagram who is the queen of DIY skincare!


However, do take note that there are some products that should not go on your skin. Check out this article to know what exactly you need to avoid putting on your face.

Finish your night-time skincare routine by putting on a rich, night cream that can help retain moisture and repair your skin while you sleep. Try and Review members recently tested and reviewed the Nutox night cream. Member @ginay710 loves how it gets “easily absorbed” into the skin and she felt her skin become “more hydrated” after her 7 days trial.

Removing Gel polish!

beauty treatments
Source: Shutterstock

We know a lot of you ladies like to change up your nails every few weeks and gel nails are your go-to since they last for so long. But how do you remove your overgrown, chipped gel nails at home now? A simple way is to use a nail file and file away the tough nail polish. After that, soak some cotton pads in nail polish remover and wrap them over your nails and cover with a foil. Let your nails soak in them for 10 to 15 minutes. Most of your gel polish should have come off!

As tempting as it may be, DO NOT peel your gel nail polish. That can make your nails very brittle. After removing your nails at home, do not put any polish over them and use some olive oil to moisturize them.

So here are our 4 go-to tips to looking your best even during this lockdown. They’re so easy, you might just want to continue with this routine even if you can go to a salon.


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