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Ladies Period: 5 Common Myths Debunked!


Ladies Period – Something that all women go through and yet there are still so many myths surrounding it. While some are funny and downright bizarre, some actually sound pretty believable and can spread unnecessary fear.

Chances are, you would have heard at least 1 myth in your lifetime and have even believed it. However, believing some of them might actually be harming your health so we are here to set the records straight. In today’s article, we will be debunking 4 common ladies period myths.

Ladies Period Myth 1: Tampons can get lost inside your vagina

The truth: They cannot get lost inside because your vagina isn’t as big as you think it is. Even if you insert them deep inside there is only so much they can go in. They also have a long and firm string that hangs out so no matter how far in your tampon is, you can always pull it out. Make sure you always change your tampons after 4 hours and not insert a new one without removing the old one. Not only is that extremely dangerous but that is when tampons can also get stuck inside and you may have to see a GP.

Ladies Period Myth 2: Vagina is self-cleansing and intimate cleansers are harmful

The Truth: Vagina, which is the internal canal, is self-cleansing. However the outside of the vagina, known as the vulva, is not and that needs extra cleaning especially on your period. Old blood can get stuck in the crevices of your vulva and simply using water may not be enough to keep it clean and fresh. In fact, period or not, it is good to use an intimate cleanser every day as we are constantly having discharge that dries up. This will avoid discomfort and will let you feel fresh and comfortable in the external intimate area.

However, ordinary body soaps are too harsh for the sensitive area. But there are different brands that have created safe, gentle intimate washes. One example is the Vagisan’s Intimate Wash Lotion which is a mild and gentle cleanser with a skin-friendly pH value around 5.

Our Malaysian members who reviewed Vagisan’s Intimate Wash Lotion said that they felt no skin irritation or itchiness when using this cleanser and first-time users were surprised at how their intimate skin actually did not feel dried or stripped from moisture as they had assumed. Member Fadilah84 says “Have never used feminine wash before because I was afraid of dryness of the skin and area. But this wash was surprisingly gentle on the skin and I did not feel excessive dryness. I will definitely continue to use and buy this product.”

This Intimate Wash Lotion is suitable to be used during pregnancy and during the treatment of vaginal infections.

Info: vaginal infections often occur after a period. If you are suffering from recurring vaginal infections you can prevent it with Vagisan Lactic Acid pessaries. The acidic pessaries help to maintain and restore the pH level in the vagina after the period. Ask your caring pharmacist for more information.

Ladies Period Myth 3: Exercising is bad for you on your period because you can injure your uterus

The Truth: While period can affect your mood to work out and you may feel more tired than usual, there is no actual reason as to why you can not work out on your period unless you have medical conditions like endometriosis that can cause pain during your period. Working out can actually be beneficial during this time as exercising will release endorphins to make you feel better and more active. Stretches and yoga can also ease pelvic discomfort.

Ladies Period Myth 4: It is normal to experience disturbed and bad sleep on your period

The Truth: Your body temperature usually rises during your period which can make it slightly harder for some women to fall asleep but it shouldn’t be too bad and you shouldn’t be waking up in between. If you do, chances are, you may be getting irritated by the pads you are wearing or you are experiencing leakage due to heavy flow that is causing you to not sleep well. It may be a sign for you to invest in better pads.

If you are facing discomfort and leakage during the night, One of Kotex’s innovations is their Overnight Pads meant to keep girls dry and leakage-free 360 degrees throughout the night.

These pads are made with a lot of extra padding in the front and back to ensure that girls don’t sleep in moisture and leaks throughout the long hours at night. Our Member Chevy_mi says that The pad is very absorbent and stays in place.” and she does nothave to worry about my sleeping position overnight.

The brand also uses material that is breathable to ensure the region is kept soft and there is enough air flowing.Tight, plasticy materials can cause rashes, discomfort and itchiness. Member Reginatanrx says “The pad is really soft, breathable and with great absorption. Would totally recommend this product!

Always ensure that the pads you use are of good quality and proven to work well for other girls and you won’t have anything to worry about.

You should be sleeping as comfortably on your period as you do on your regular days. Sleeping with the wrong pad can disturb your sleep as you won’t be in hygienic conditions.

Ladies Period Myth 5: You shouldn’t have a bath on period because it will stop the blood from flowing

The Truth: Water may stop the blood from flowing for a while but it will definitely not stop your period from happening. If anything, the hot bath water will ease your cramps and lift your mood making your period experience a little easier. And of course, bathing or showering will also keep you clean, hygienic and fresh down there which is extremely important. Just ensure you do not use any harsh soaps during this time in your bath.

That concludes all our period myths. Sometimes myths can be all fun and games. However, if they start to spread fear and misinformation, we feel it is important to cross-check and clarify them immediately. If you believed any of them, we hope we helped you understand them better.

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