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Healthier Lifestyle to Lose Weight – 5 Safe Habits to Adopt

Adopting healthier habits or lifestyle are often deemed challenging and intimidating by many. Also, the pandemic has not made it any easier. Like so many others, you may have gained a few unwanted kilos during the circuit breaker and now want to return to your former fitter/slimmer self. Nutritious food, increased activity and hydration are key ingredients to any new health plan. Which is why we have compiled a list of 5 safe habits that you can easily introduce to help kickstart your journey.

Healthier Habit 1 – Make the most out of ActiveSG

“Gym subscriptions are too expensive in Singapore!” – Worry no more! We are so lucky in Singapore to have access to a wide variety of modern sports facilities with our ActiveSG movement. With all this time we have to spend in Singapore instead of travelling abroad, why not take the opportunity to try out ActiveSG’s facilities? Sign up for their membership and you can redeem $100 free credits. In addition to that, take advantage of the off-peak swimming pool or tennis court rates if your schedule allows for it. With COVID-safe measurements taken very seriously, you have no more excuses to bail on cultivating new good habits!

Healthier Habit 2 – Support your weight loss with trustworthy supplements

Exercising is essential for a healthy mind and body, but in order to control your weight fully, you will also need to balance out your daily nutrition. Medical research has shown that 80% of our weight control is due to the daily calories we consume. This means that every single food choice you make is critical in regaining your pre-lockdown health. Haven’t we all reached for the Kaya Toast and salted egg crisps while watching TV advertisements? The ones about magical supplements that can make you slim right away? While many of them may look unhealthy or dodgy, we at Try and Review have searched for those that are effective and well-trusted. We put 30 users to the test to try out Blackmores’ NEW Ultra Body Shaper Supplements.

Containing Patented African Mango Seed Extract, this helps aid weight loss by burning fats, blocking fats formation and curbing cravings for junk and sugary food. Therefore, this helps to drastically minimize junk and sugary food cravings in the most natural way. The supplement also helps target the soft middle area and helps support metabolism. Our users found that it is a safe and effective method to help reduce their waistlines and boost their post-lockdown weight loss journey. As a result, Blackmores Ultra Body Shaper supplement was rated 4/5 and above, by 2 in 3 testers with claims that their waistline reduced by 1-3 cm in 6 weeks!

Try and Review Member @Joannej3“After eating this for a while I found that it helped to curb food cravings by making me feel full and thus I can last longer in between meals.” – @Joannej3.

Try and Review Member @Hotcroquettes

@Hotcroquettes cravings were controlled well while using this […] used this in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise and felt energetic to complete all my workouts and is very pleased with the results”.

Try and Review Member @norbertjune

“I think this is an excellent product combined with strength training the results will be more prominent.” – @norbertjune

Try and Review Member @jasmine168

@jasmine168 – “lighter & energetic after 1.5 months of consumption. I lost 3 inches (29 to 26) from my waist. I will continue to consume this great product.”

Try and Review Member @Angelbellz“Overall I felt very good with a clean gut and best of all, I managed to shed 2 kg and 2 inches off my waist without doing much! – @Angelbellz

Try and Review Member @spcklheng

@spcklheng – “By having just one tablet a day my body weight easily reduced 3kgs after 6 weeks of trial. My waist measurement also reduced by 3 inches! This is an amazing product. I would like to recommend it to anyone who is lazy yet hopes to downsize him/herself.”

Read more reviews from our testers on Try and Review.

Blackmores’ NEW Ultra Body Shaper Supplements is available in Guardian, Watsons, Lazada, Shopee.

Healthier Habit 3 – Learn easy ways to incorporate movement and exercise into your daily lifestyle

Whilst food intake and nutrition is key to your weight loss success, a healthy lifestyle has to be combined with regular physical activities. If the activities from ActiveSG are not your cup of tea, there are still other ways for you to increase your daily activity. For instance, take the stairs instead of the lift and run for the bus. Better still, make your journey on foot whenever you can. In addition to that, try exploring our beautiful parks with a friend or family member; Fort Canning Park has a multitude of steep inclines to help tone up your legs and burn those extra calories. Yoga is another great form of gentle exercise that can help strengthen both your body and mind. Find a grassy spot at the Botanic Gardens and then walk or run back to the MRT or home.

Healthier Habit 4 – Grab a partner and explore Singapore’s iconic spots – Gardens by the Bay, East Coast Park and Sentosa

As you exercise, run or work out, your body releases endorphins that can boost your mood and help to shake off those lockdown blues. Grab a partner, get out and about and go explore our beautiful island. Head for the iconic Marina Bay Sands by bicycle. Visit the stunning Gardens by the Bay, passing the unique statues and floral planting.

Try popping by East Coast Park or Sentosa and sink your feet into the sandy beaches. If you want to challenge yourself a little more, try jogging or running along the beach. Did you know that walking and running in the sand can actually help strengthen your calves and ankles? The stunning sea views are an added bonus that will definitely lift your spirits and make training an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

Healthier Habit 5 – Stay Healthy, Hydrated and Happy

Giving your body proper hydration is an essential tool for weight loss. Water can flush out toxins and help your gut to break down food quicker. This can in turn help increase your metabolism. Always carry around a water bottle with you when you are out. Also, keep water at hand by your desk while you are working. Set yourself a water goal for the day and log how many glasses you consume on a paper or online tracker. Creating accountability for your food and water intake this way will help support you in staying on the right track. It also allows you to see how much you have accomplished and feel proud of the progress you have made.

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