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What Is Serum Deodorant, and Should You Try It?

2019 Try and Review Awards winner Tzy97 shares her view on Nivea Extra White Serum Deodorant

As the name suggests, it is both a deodorant and serum in one. Serum has been undoubtedly known for delivering superior, highly-concentrated active ingredients that could penetrate deeply into the skin. It helps to target the root cause of many specific skincare concerns, be it dryness, anti-aging, pores, etc. You might already use a serum for your face and eyes, but your delicate underarm skin deserves a beauty routine just as indulgent. That’s because our underarm skin is naturally thinner than other parts of our body. Yet it is so often exposed to unintentional damages! Just think of sweating which clogs underarm pores, and shaving or waxing which dries or darkens the skin.

Essentially, a serum deodorant delivers the combination of the superior skincare benefits of a serum and the refreshing benefits of a deodorant. With serum deodorant being a hot trend and taking underarm skincare to a whole new level, we hear from User Tzy97 about her experience with Nivea Extra White Serum Deodorant. She is 1 of the 20 winners in the 2019 Try and Review Awards recognized for writing over 60 thoughtful, quality and honest reviews about beauty and lifestyle.

Nivea Extra White Serum Deo

  1. Fast Absorption”

    Before trying Nivea Extra White Serum Deodorant, User Tzy97 never used roll-on deodorant. She was “afraid it does not dry up fast and stains clothes”. Despite her belief, Nivea Extra White Serum Deodorant gave her no such problems. This serum deodorant comes in a translucent micro-emulsion formulation, with small molecules that could quickly penetrate and nourish the inner layer of the skin. This allows fast absorption without leaving a sticky feeling after application! Less of a hassle you say.

  2. Fairer Skin”

    You can say goodbye to dark underarms when your product is formulated with 10x more Vitamin C to give you fairer, evenly-toned skin. This product boasts whitening effects as early as 7 days! “Moreover, I notice fairer skin after using the sample so now I bought the full size”. This is what real advocate, User Tzy97 has to say!

  3. Scent is Great”

    No deodorant can be complete without delivering lasting fragrance. User Tzy97 shares that “the scent is great”. With 48 hour anti-perspirant protection, this serum-in-deo provides a fresh, floral scent.

    Well, now that you’ve learnt how you can keep your underarms fresh all day, learn how you can keep your instagram profile fresh too!

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