Oil Spill: Is your old Victoria’s Secret bra toxic?


Victoria's Secret

It’s not the first thing you think about when you reach out for your bra in the morning, but there might be small sacks of oil in the bra padding – especially if it’s an old push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret.

Kristen King of BuzzFeed was out one night having drinks when someone noticed a small stain on Kristen’s shirt. Kristen had ignored it at first, but as the night went on, the stain only grew larger. She had a jacket on that night, so she knew the greasy stain couldn’t have been an accidental spill. In fact, she had even considered the possibility that she might be lactating but dismissed the idea rather quickly. Kristen wrote, “I am in no way a new mother (unless you count plants).”

When she finally got home and removed her ruined top, she found out that the left side of her bra was covered in a weird oil. Noticing that the oil was coming from her incredibly old bra, she whipped out a pair of scissors and cut it open. Inside her bra padding lay a tiny liquid sack which had begun to leak. She then did a bit of her own research on Google and found other women who experienced the same problem with their old Victoria’s Secret push-up bras.

More detective work on the internet revealed that most push-up bras on the market contain small sacks of liquid. Under regular use, those liquid sacks will stay perfectly intact. However, pushup bras do eventually wear out and Kristen’s was way past its prime. While not every push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret is guaranteed to leak and stain your clothes, you should definitely replace it if you’ve been wearing the same one for a year or more to avoid a public catastrophe.

Jade Yeo

Photo credit: @victoriassecret