ASOS takes a stand against silk, cashmere and mohair


As further proof of the fashion industry’s commitment to non-cruelty practices, ASOS has announced that it will no longer sell silk, cashmere, or feathers on its retail platform. The beloved brand has joined the growing list of design houses that have banned the sale of mohair.

Although notable for its lustre and sheen, its methods of removal are controversial. Every year, the mohair, cashmere and silk enterprises exploit a myriad of goats and silkworms to produce the fabric used in mass manufacturing. With the mohair industry’s callous techniques exposed to the public, consumers and fashion influencers alike are putting the squeeze on retailers to gear towards a more ethically-responsible fashion industry.

With material alternatives being able to serve up fashionable and striking pieces without the inhumane collection method from animals, ASOS refusing to profit from animal cruelty has eradicated the cause of avoidable pain and suffering. And, with the ban taking full effect next year, ASOS makes animal-cruelty free clothing a possibility for the masses.

Sinead Lee

Photo credit: @asos on Instagram