According to French men, the ultimate man repeller are…ballet flats



Like Breton striped tops or trench coats, ballet flats are a major fashion staple for French women…but for how long? Some people are apparently so tired of the cute kicks that 3 guys have even created the first “International day against ballet flats” on Facebook.

At first organised as a joke (or at least, we hope) the event now counts 23000 attendees and 36000 people interested by the event. And the anti-ballerina gang didn’t just pick any random date for the big event either: la journée internationale contre la ballerine is set to take place in Paris on the 14th of July, France’s national day.

“14th of July being national unity day, let’s join to fight this century’s plague that haunts us all: the girls wearing ballet flats in 2016!” So the event-goers are asking their followers to block all roads to finally be heard and for “the French authorities take appropriate actions to prohibit ballet flats wearing”.

You may then wonder why so much hate against such cute yet comfy shoes? Here is the organisers’ answer: “Out of respect for our sight, our sense of smell as well as out of respect for yourselves ladies, stop being so stubborn, in 2016, ballet flats are the assurance of celibacy and a breakup motive worst than cheating!”

Smelly, bedroom-slippers-looking, uncool, we couldn’t have guessed that ballet flats were such a man repeller. The movement has now been joined by many women and men sharing the worst ballet flats pictures or anecdotes. Obviously sarcastic yet clearly hilarious, which team are you in?


Mathilde Thommeret

Photo credit: They all hate us