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HomeCommunityInspirational Mothers Who Overcame Hardships For Their Family

Inspirational Mothers Who Overcame Hardships For Their Family

Today is Mother’s Day and we want to celebrate the strong women in our lives! While we agree that we should show gratitude to our mothers every single day, it doesn’t hurt to show them extra love and gratitude on their special day!

This year, we want to celebrate the strength and selflessness of inspiring mothers. We reached out to you earlier this week on our Instagram, asking what are some inspiring stories on overcoming hardships of your mom and the stories we received definitely reminded us why our moms are our real life heroes. Thank you to our members who have shared their story with us, and we would love to share them with you.

Tough Even When Sick

The first of the three inspiring stories about mothers overcoming hardships we have is of a strong mother that didn’t let dengue stop her from working for her child, @blueming.days.

“At a young age, my parents were divorced and my mum had to raise me up alone. I remember once, my mum contracted dengue fever but she didn’t rest at all. She continued to work despite feeling very sick, all just so she could have her full pay to pay for our daily needs. I don’t know how she worked through all the physical pain, but my mum has always been a tough lady. Her toughness is what inspires me every single day, I have the same blood and thus I have the same strength in me! No matter what hardship comes by, I watch my mum and know I have the same strength to overcome them. Even without a dad in my life, my mum has raised me equally as well as those with a complete family, and I never go by a day without feeling respect for her.”

A Fighter Even In Adversity

Our user @pal_salini, learnt about willpower from her mom when their father had lost his job.

Despite losing everything, she worked to ensure her family would live comfortably.

“In 2009 my father lost his job. I had my class 11 admission the very next year. Whatever savings we had had to be used for my education and we were left with almost no cash in hand. At that time my mother was completely a homemaker. And we struggled with basic needs, so my mother decided to do something for the family. She supported my father with whatever she could earn as a coach as she wasn’t able to join any company due to her age. Even though she earned a little initially, she managed to build a stable income after a few years and now we are able to live comfortably thanks to my mother. What I saw from my mother is a fighter. As a middle class Indian woman, I saw her struggle and courage to fight for her family, but she never lost the spirit to smile, laugh and enjoy. I learnt to fight even when you have nothing, but also never forgetting to smile and enjoy the moments, and to never forget those who matter the most in the good and bad.”

Braving Her Battles for Her Children

Cancer is a daunting subject for most of us, but it is exactly through this where we can see the strength and fight of a woman overcoming hardships. And that was exactly what @lovelysdg witnessed from her mom.

Her desire to watch her children grow helped her brave cancer, and is now cancer-free!

“No one can describe the pain of a mom that has cancer, I called it “the battle of life”. My mom had breast cancer and I can feel her eagerness to live more because she doesn’t want to stop her life as early as that. She decided to take off her left breast to make sure that the cancer cell won’t trigger her right breast and decided to have her chemotherapy. At first nothing changed but her doctor said that the steps would be hard and she assured that my mom will finish it well. Over time, she started to look fatigued and her hair was also starting to fall off and that’s when I saw mom crying in front of the mirror and said “I’m ugly”. Her eyelashes and eyebrows were gone too. She always asked my father if he still loves her because she looks ugly and old. She couldn’t have us by her side either as a side effect of chemotherapy was reduced immunity, making her prone to illness. But she overcame the hard times with prayers, and her desire to wake us up when we have class, to cook more for us, to see that our dreams came true, to see us grow into people she is proud of, and she wanted to see her grandchildren. And with this, she persevered through the therapy and is now cancer-free! There’s a lot of things that I learned from her hardships, she became an inspiration to me to strive hard and win my own battles. I learned that never give up on the challenges in your life that you will take even though you are not sure if you will win or not. I would like to say that my mom was the bravest and best mom in the world and if I were asked what do you want to be if I’m going to be a mom, I would probably say that I WANT TO BE LIKE MAMA.”

Not going to lie, these inspiring stories of mothers overcoming hardships made us tear.. Overcoming hardships isn’t an easy task, but they always pulled through because of family. And nothing can say the strength of a mother more than this.

To all the women that have given all your love and time to raising your children and keeping the house in shape even if you have to work, sacrificing everything you have to ensure your children have the best childhood and education, thank you.

Show appreciation to your moms right now! Be it through a gift or just a simple “I love you” is sure to make their day!

Tell us if these stories inspired you and share your own story in the comments!



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