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HomeBeautyDo Not Miss Out These 2020 Beauty Trends

Do Not Miss Out These 2020 Beauty Trends


New year, new beauty trends! As each year passes, we discover a whole range of beauty trends. Some trends die out quickly while some become timeless.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and growing while inventing innovative ways that allow us to express ourselves better.

Feeling curious to know which beauty trends are on the rise and will overpower the year 2020?

Here are a few trends in beauty as the new year begins in full swing!

1) The Aid of Technology in Makeup & Skincare

Gone are the days of throwing darts in the dark in the game of skincare and makeup. Now it’s only about choosing the right product for your skin without error. And to execute that, brands have started to consistently use technology in the beauty industry.


Everyone has various skin concerns and needs. A one-size-fits-all solution won’t work to combat diverse skin issues. Brands like Alche{me} uses technology to find out skin concerns and prepare customized solutions that work for unique skin types.


With the help of artificial intelligence and innovative technology, experts are now able to detect the exact shade and undertone of your skin for your face makeup.

Well-known makeup brands like MAC, Sephora, and Nars offer virtual try-on apps and software that assist consumers to see how the makeup looks on them before making the final purchase.

Trending and young brands like Kylie Cosmetics have taken advantage of Instagram story filters for users to try Kylie lipsticks virtually as well.

2) Makeup Products With Skincare Benefits

Makeup no longer holds the bad reputation of being harmful to your skin. Beauty brands have taken serious considerations about the well-being of your skin and have come up with incredible products that are multi-purpose and lightweight.

Popular brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Tarte and many others offer a range of hybrid makeup products that not only enhance your beauty but also comes with the benefit of skincare ingredients. For instance, Marc Jacob coconut primer, Tarte Foundcealer with SPF 20 that combines foundation and concealer into one…etc.

3) Sustainable and Ethical Makeup

As people have become conscious buyers, makeup brands are now focusing their production on eco-friendly terms. Makeup made with natural ingredients through ethical extraction is sought after by consumers.

Many makeup brands around the world are becoming cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Brands such as The Body Shop, lush cosmetics, bare-faced beauty and Sen natural lipsticks have emerged with the sole purpose of contributing to sustainability and doing business in an ethical manner.

4) Natural and Skin-like Makeup

Harshly contoured, heavy makeup, cut crease looks are going out of trend.

The beauty industry is navigating towards body positivity and embracing your natural skin. So beauty enthusiasts are focusing on using makeup to enhance their natural beauty instead of concealing them.

So the limelight for the following years will be on natural and skin-like makeup. The craze of dewy and glowy looking makeup is on the rise.

To meet the needs of quick, easy to do makeup for glowy skin, brands have come out with bb – cc creams and multi-purpose blush and highlighters. The fad from matte liquid lipstick has shifted to hydrating and glossy lips.

5) Gender Fluid Makeup Products

Makeup is no longer a “women’s” thing. Beauty brands now have guys and queer people in their marketing ads and are all about being inclusive. 2020 is the year when no one should be left behind if they’re into makeup and beauty.

Recently, Morphe has released its Fluidity Base Makeup Collection geared towards all genders, shades and age types.

From makeup products of Fenty Beauty to skincare solutions of Panacea, the beauty industry is only growing to a point where there is something for every one of us.

Beauty trends come and go with each year. What stays back is how you perceive beauty. Beauty brands have adapted themselves to cater to rising trends and revolutionising beauty standards. The new year will have so much more waiting for us to get the best of what beauty can offer.


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