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5 Low Cal And Healthy Snacks To Keep At Your Office Table


We all go through those untimely hunger pangs at the office. And during those stressful times, we often binge on unhealthy snacks. So what should you do to keep your tummy happy and healthy?

We have found some great snacks that will satisfy your hunger and keep you healthy at the same time. These snacks are healthy as you only get the essential nutrients and sugar to boost your energy levels, leaving out the unwanted fats and carbs.

Below is a list of all the snacks that have very low calories, healthy, nutritious and mouth-watering as well. Some of the basic ingredients of these snacks are raisin berries, whole grain oats, mango, apricot, dried fruits, seaweed and mostly natural ingredients.

Norilicious Norilicious seaweed snack _ Low calories

“Very interesting when I came to try it. Is crisp and delicious. Don’t need to worry overeating. Is healthy and the pack size is just nice for one serving.”

– @Berrywen Rated 5/5

“Deliciously Addictive! – Was hesitant to try it at first coz I’m afraid there’ll be the after taste of seaweed and will remain on my taste buds for the rest of the day ???? but actually, the seaweed taste is very light and delicious. The almond and sesame compliment the flavour. I really like it! It’s also so crunchy. Highly recommended to those who look for healthier snack options.”

– @olaizasunga Rated 5/5

Quaker Oats and Raisin BarsBest bars low calories

“You can’t go wrong with this snack. – I love it. I love oats. A perfect combo of sweet and healthy. A great energy booster for any time of the day.”

-@noorazizah_mk Rated 5/5


Bearylicious by Boxgreenbearylicious _ Best snack

“AWESOME -Very healthy and convenient. especially when I want to snack in the office during work this comes in very handy, healthy and not messy.”

-@Carmenvictorialim Rated 5/5

“Guilt-free snacking – Portion size is great to control binge snacking and with nutrition value properly assessed by professionals, it certainly makes snacking a stress-free experience. Great taste as well!”

-@cynner Rated 5/5

nu snacksMango Fruit by Nu Snacks

“Mango – How can I possibly miss out this mango snack. Can taste the sweetness.”

-@mortal12 Rated 5/5

“Mango snack – My favourite fruit is mango so how can I possibly miss out this snack?”

-@hjdelico12 Rated 5/5


Freeze-dried Apricot by Wel.Bfreeze dried apricot low calories

“Freeze-dried apricot – 100% natural and healthy snack for a nutritious kick start for any activity… adults or kids suits to everyone’s tastes”

-@Anitha Rated 5/5

“Favourite – My absolute favourite snack to snack on. I could have it anytime, any day.”

-@shaqidah_ Rated 5/5


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