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What You Love About Try & Review


Try & Review was born in 2016 with the mission to create a platform for consumers where they will be able to give unbiased and authentic reviews about the products they use.

As of now, we have successfully grown with the constant love and support of members and reviewers. Without our active community, we could not have made it so far.

So a huge thanks to you guys who have helped us to reach 150K followers on all our social media platforms. We have received a huge amount of love and support from you all. To show our gratitude, we held a giveaway in November 2019 for all our members.

One of the rules of the giveaway was for our followers to tell us what they love the most about Try and Review and we were so overwhelmed by all the responses.

So here are a few things that our ever-growing community loves about us:

Receiving Premium Products for Free!

The most favourite thing that our members love about us is that they receive samples or full-sized products to test for absolutely no cost (not even shipping!).

i. “What I love about Try & Review is that I can try out products for free and give my honest opinion about it. It is a truly legit site!” User: mcheart17

ii. “ I really love Try & Review because they are available in six different countries and we can also get some FREE products to try and giving some true reviews or opinions that can help other people to know if the products really work to different skin types and of course no wasting money .” – User: itsmejonamueden

iii. “A platform that empowers us as a customer to first try a product before owning it, what other better way to pamper ourselves than following Try and Review’s way? Indulge your self while keeping your pocket safe.” – User: yippie86



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