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Try and Review Vegan Boxes


While Try and Review has been a platform for consumers to make better buying choices through the reviews submitted, it is also a platform where we encourage our members to try new products. We launch exciting product tests and Review Challenges every month that gives everyone the opportunity to receive products for free that they can try and leave their reviews on.

Our latest project that we have been working so hard for is the Try and Review Vegan boxes. This is a box that will have a variety of vegan products – food and skincare – that is specially curated by us for you. This box is created for our passionate top reviewer tribe who helps consumers spend wisely by constantly sending us their thoughtful and genuine reviews and also going the extra mile by sending us videos and pictures of their results.

So why have we created a vegan box? In honour of World Vegan Day on November 1, we want our consumers to explore more cruelty-free options. A misconception about going cruelty-free is that we assume our options become limited or that we have to compromise on our interests and taste to fit the lifestyle. Through this box, we hope to bring into light the various vegan brands that do not compromise on the taste or quality of the products and are easily available to you. This box is perfect for those of you who want to get a headstart on veganism or are interested in the idea of it but do not know where to start. We want to give you a chance to include at least one cruelty-free product in your day-to-day life and take a small step in protecting our animals. Through this, Try and Review hopes to be a platform that can create a more environmentally conscious community as well

Our Vegan Boxes will be launching very soon and we cannot wait to choose who to send them to. In the meantime, keep sharing with us more quality reviews if you want to have a chance to receive this box, as well as, be chosen as one of the winners for our 2020 Try and Review Awards where you can win $100 worth of travel vouchers and a bag worth of outstanding products!

So what are you waiting for? Keep a lookout for our Vegan Box and have your reviews coming in now!


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  1. I really like natural products. Most of my personal care products are organic..it’s because I believe there are no additional chemicals that can cause harm to health. .tq Try and Review for giving me a chance ..

  2. saya sangat teruja dan sangat gembira dengan adanya platform try n review pengguna dapat membuat pilihan yang lebih bijak dan selamat

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