San Francisco places a citywide ban on fur sales

fur coat


It seems like the anti-fur trend is progressively gaining momentum with recent news of luxury Italian brands, Gucci and Versace, ditching fur in their collections. Good news for animal lovers: San Francisco supervisors unanimously voted to ban the sale of fur, becoming the largest U.S city to join the anti-fur direction.

San Francisco district supervisor, Katy Tang, proposed the ban back in December, a few months after Gucci’s announcement. “The sale of fur products in San Francisco is inconsistent with the City’s ethos of treating all living beings, humans and animals alike, with kindness,” she said in a press release.

The ban will take effect on 1 January 2019, which applies to both clothing and accessories from coats to key chains. Fur retailers will be given until January 2020 to sell off their current stock.

While animal welfare advocates celebrated the news, the new wave will come at its own expense. About 50 retailers will be affected on top of losing around $40 million in fur sales, which the city receives in a year

San Francisco has become the third California city to ban fur sales, joining Berkeley and West Hollywood. With the new surge of anti-fur stands, we hope this means more countries, as well as brands, will join the stand against animal cruelty.

Shona Menon

Photo credit: Imaxtree