Trend Report: Oriental flair on the Spring/Summer 2015 runways


Here in Asia, most of us have probably accumulated a set of (or at least a few) traditional garments which we’ll only don during customary holidays. While traditional wear can sometimes receive flak for being dated and even dowdy, Western designers do not seem to share this perspective. With some designers incorporating oriental elements into their designs on the Spring/Summer 2015 runways, Asian-inspired fashion has been given a contemporary update.

From kimono gowns and cheongsam shift dresses, to those cinched with sashes that resemble Obi belts, the frocks for this season seem to be slowly losing their clean lines and silhouettes, which have defined the fashion world in recent seasons. Likewise, the necklines have been refashioned to take the form of mandarin collars and jeogoris reminiscent of kimonos and hanboks. With the textures of these garments featuring more silky and organza fabrics, they’ve been embellished with lacquered gold accents, delicate floral motifs such as cherry blossoms and batik prints.

Since we’ve integrated Western dress into our everyday wear, it’s interesting to see the opposite is occurring on the runways. From the likes of Celine, Lanvin, Gucci and Herve Leger, here are some of our favourite runway picks which have redefined the concept of fusion fashion with their oriental flair.

Vanessa Ang

Photo Credit: Imaxtree