Wearing the same clothes everyday, the new Normcore trend?


Matilda Kahl’s name has been all over the web these last few days – why so? Because for the past three years, this Swedish living in New-York has been dressing in the exact same clothes every single day to go to work… making our normcore radar almost explode in the process.

Have you ever dreamt of a stress-free morning in front of your closet? Between bad outfit days and that wasted hour spent trying on multiple dresses, we sometimes wish we could put on the first clothes we see and go straight to work, carefree. This “fantasy” is actually the reality for Matilda Kahl, artistic director at famous advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi in New York: For three years, this pretty blonde has gone to work wearing the same outfit every day. Her daily uniform consists of a white shirt, black jacket and black pants. The thirty-something went all the way to the normcore trend, popularly identified by Lana Del Rey and her very basic outfits.

36 months after the beginning of the experience, Matilda admits being a lot less stressed on a daily basis. In the morning, there’s no need to rack her brains to decide what to wear. She also confessed to the American Harper’s Bazaar that her new “uniform” saves her a lot of time. It seems you don’t have to dress like Lady Gaga to draw the fashion media’s attention.

What if it was finally time to bet on simplicity after all the extravagant trends?

Is getting rid of the superfluous to go back to authenticity and tradition the new cool? It’s easier said than done, but it’s a refreshing surprise in a period where we all are encouraged to consume more and more.


Laurine Antoniol