Marc Jacobs sued by Adidas for plagiarism


Marc Jacobs

This is the kind of story we hear every few months in the fashion world, but this time, Adidas does not intend to let Marc Jacobs off with just a warning. Last week, the sportswear brand filed a complaint against designer March Jacobs’ offending designs within the Marc by Marc Jacobs range. According to the Adidas group, the 4-band design seen on the Marc by Marc Jacobs were too similar to Adidas’ iconic 3-stripe design and intentionally misleads consumers into thinking that the pieces are from Adidas.

Photo credit: ComplexStyle on Twitter
Photo credit: ComplexStyle on Twitter

After the whole controversy over the closure of Marc by Marc Jacobs, the designer now has to defend himself in court over the products that were not destroyed and removed from sale. The question is, how will the discontinuation of Marc by Marc Jacobs affect the lawsuit?

Adidas, the target of all plagiarism?

As for Adidas, the brand will justify its complaint before the courts, but that should not be a big problem as this is not the first time a designer has plagiarised their designs this year. In February, Adidas sued Isabel Marant for plagiarising their iconic Stan Smith sneakers.


We’re just waiting for the time when someone copies the famous monochrome Adidas Superstar shoes…

Pauline Arnal