This is tropicana: Bimba Y Lola’s Spring/ Summer 2015 collection


If you think you’re all ready to hit summer in style, think again. Where our wardrobes may be stocked with summer sneakers and cool fabrics to beat the heat, the Spanish brand, Bimba Y Lola invites you to dance to the summer beat with their Spring/ Summer 2015 collection, Tropicana.

Inspired by the isles of Brazil, the collection encapsulates everything from the minimalistic lines of Brasilia’s architecture, to its carnivalesque atmosphere. Full of vim and vigour, prints of tropical landscapes call up one’s memories of Carmen Miranda, the Portuguese Brazilian samba singer, known for her signature fruit hats.

With Singapore’s eternal summer, one is no stranger to the heat and humidity the season brings. Yet, Tropicana invokes a breath of fresh air with its cooling summer garb of stretchy cotton fabrics and neoprene layers that add a pretty pop of colour. You’ll be in party mood in no time, waiting for the holidays to roll around.

Despite being time zones apart, Brazil does share some striking similarities with our sunny island. Both, for one, boast a melting pot of mixed races and cultures, which is cleverly reflected in the dynamic prints and textures of the collection. Tropicana brings this experience right to your door (or rather, self) where cheerful colour blocking spatters across the collection in a beautiful geometric pattern, while prints of toucans, polka dots and exotic women reflect the feisty and sexy Brazilian female.

Fresh, fun and flirty, Bimba Y Lola’s Spring/ Summer 2015 collection is a fiesta raring to go. You might not be headed anywhere tropical this summer, but donning on a piece of Bimba Y Lola’s summer steal might just inspire that holiday spirit in you!

Bimba Y Lola’s Spring/ Summer 2015 collection is currently available in stores.


Elizabeth Tan