Rhode Skincare by Hailey Bieber: Is it worth giving it a try?

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Rhode Skincare has finally been launched after three years and it has been all over the internet since. However as a new celebrity skincare line, it has faced some backlash. Following her launch, Hailey Rhode Beiber has addressed some of the criticism and has chosen to let the products speak for themselves. Her brand’s philosophy is to produce products that are simple, authentic and accessible to everyone. The products claim to have scientifically proven formulas and use clean research-backed ingredients. With so many good attributes, the brand seems to be the perfect addition to your skincare collection. Our editor gave it a try and here’s her review so you can decide if you should try it when it hit our shores.

Rhode Skincare review: Is it worth the money?

Rhode Skincare, launched on June 14th 2022, includes just three products with each of them addressing a main function: glaze, restore and treat. All three are priced under $30 with a Peptide Glazing Fluid ($29), Barrier Restore Cream ($29) and Peptide Lip Treatment ($16). the latter of which is available in unscented, watermelon and salted caramel varieties.


The Peptide Glazing Fluid has become iconic as the signature product which gives the same dewey skin as Hailey Bieber. This product restores hydration to the skin. As a person who has oily skin, the formula is perfect as it is lightweight and glides effortlessly. It was able to melt into my skin without making it feel too heavy. My skin felt very dewey and was perfect for makeup application. It was not as dewey as one would think. With the price point of 29$, this product is accessible to everyone. However, there exists cheaper dupes which you might prefer if you don’t want to invest your money in


The Barrier Restore Cream is a lightweight and rich moisturiser. This product, formulated with shea butter, squalene, peptides, and niacinamide, hydrates and moisturises your skin. It also restores hydration to the skin. As a person who has oily skin, this moisturiser is a little heavy and can make oily skin feel even more greasy. This was not the winner for me since there are much better moisturisers that exist. However, this was not a complete loss because after a couple weeks of using it, my skin did not have any major breakouts. If you have very sensitive and dry skin, this product is perfect for you!


The Peptide Lip Treatment comes in three flavours: unscented, watermelon and salted caramel. I personally really like the watermelon and the salted caramel. The flavour also doesn’t change how the formula works.  The product claims to hydrate dry lips and lock in moisture for softer lips. As a person who has dry lips, I can say for certainty that the product really helps lock in moisture. My favourite part of the product is that the packaging is made with recyclable post-consumer (PCR) materials. I believe that if you have very dry lips, the treatment is worth 16$. However, I would say that there are much cheaper lip treatments for dry lips.

Overall, I was impressed with Rhode Skincare! The prices are reasonable making the products from Rhodes Skin accessible to everyone. In addition, the products are well formulated and use clean ingredients. That was really important to me. I would recommend anyone with dry and/or sensitive skin to run and buy this product.

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