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3 Anti-Bacterial Body Wash For A Germ-Free Night

Exposed to millions of germs, dust and dirt, it is important to wash it all off at the end of the day. And this is where anti-bacterial body washes come in! Keep yourself germ-free and feeling fresh with our community’s top rated and loved anti-bacterial body washes!

After a long day, a warm shower is what we need to wash all the chore of the day away.. And while you might be tempted to just pick any Body Wash off the shelves due to its scent for a spa-like shower. It is essential to have on your shelves a brand of body wash that can help you get rid of all the nasty germs and reduce the chances of having skin infections. . Hence, we have put together a list of our community’s top anti-bacterial body washes to help you have a germ-free night and feel fresh!

Check out our community’s top 3 anti-bacterial body washes!

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How to know if your body wash is anti-bacterial?

While all soaps in the market can help get rid of most bacteria on our skin, to make sure you are getting a body wash with anti-bacterial ingredients, here’s what to look for!

  1. An “anti-bacterial” label

This is one of the easiest ways to know if the body wash you are purchasing is indeed anti-bacterial or not, as it will be labelled accordingly due to the regulations in place.

2. Drug Facts Label

If you are still unsure if your product contains anti-bacterial properties, check if there is a drug facts label. As the body washes tend to include active ingredients or chemicals to help kill and stop the growth of bacteria, companies will have to include the drug facts label to inform the consumers about these active ingredients.

You can also look at the ingredient list for some common anti-bacterial ingredients, such as:

  • Triclosan
  • Triclocarban
  • Benzalkonium chloride
  • Benzethonium chloride
  • Chloroxylenol
  • Alcohol

If you are afraid that the body wash might be too harsh or drying for daily use, you can keep your skin feeling silky smooth after your shower with moisturisers to replenish moisture into your skin. Many anti-bacterial body washes are also formulated to soothe your skin as well now, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself protected and have a germ-free night now with the many choices available!

Have you tried any of these anti-bacterial body washes before? Let us know what you feel about them in the comments below and on our website! And don’t forget to stay protected throughout the day with hand sanitisers!

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