L’oréal Infallible: Perfect Foundation for Asian Skin

L’oréal Infallible 24h Matte Cover Foundation

L’Oréal’s Infallible range is loved by many beauty enthusiasts for its amazing formula that lasts all day. And we couldn’t be more excited when they released a new matte foundation that is perfect for Asian skin! With the properties this foundation touts, you need to get this for your collection now!

When it comes to base makeup that is perfect for Asian skin, it is not only important to find a good colour match for our skin, but also a formula that can keep up with the heat and humidity we face on a daily basis. Hence, when L’Oral released a new foundation under the Infallible range, we knew this could be the answer for us to have makeup that lasts the whole day! And here is why.

Infallible Foundation that is Infallible even in Asian weather

The new foundation is boasted to not just be long-wearing, but also sweat-proof, heat-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof! If this doesn’t sound appealing, let us break it down for you why it is so exciting!

With Asian weather, it is especially difficult for our makeup to last with the heat and humidity levels. Base makeup usually needs touching up within a couple of hours as it breaks down from the weather we face, making us sweat or causing an increase in sebum production. However, now with a foundation that is not only sweat-proof and waterproof, it is also heat-proof to keep your makeup looking fresh all day without running or becoming shiny from the excess sebum production. If this does not sound like a foundation that is perfect for Asian skin, we’re not sure what is!

Full Coverage to help YOU look Infallible!

Like the rest of the Infallible range, this foundation gives you a full coverage finish to help you cover all of your imperfections and look fresh all day. If hearing “full coverage foundation” in Asian weather scares you from how heavy it will feel on the skin, do not worry as the Infallible 24H Cover Matte foundation has a lightweight finish to allow for a full day of wear with maximum comfort for your skin.

Additionally, with the ultra-blurring serum and mattifying powders mixed into the foundation, this will help you have a perfect base makeup that lasts the whole day without much effort. All you have to do is to blend the foundation into your skin with your preferred tool, and the foundation will do the rest of the work for that natural (but perfect), second-skin finish.

With everything said, we can’t wait to rush to the drugstore to pick up this foundation along with our other drugstore must-haves! This foundation carries 6 shades in Asia, ranging from fair to medium skin and you are sure to find the perfect shade match for you!

What do you think about the Infallible 24H Cover Matte foundation? Have you tried it for yourself? Let us know what you think in the reply box below or on Try and Review now!

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