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HomeFoodEasy Breakfast Ideas When You’re On The Go

Easy Breakfast Ideas When You’re On The Go


As soon as the alarm rings, we all hurry to get ready for the day and leave. It is difficult to prepare a full-course breakfast in a rush.

Breakfast helps to kick-start the metabolism of your body from overnight fasting and provide you with an adequate supply of glucose.

Skipping breakfast in the morning may save you a little time but the consequences can take a toll on your health.

If you’re worried that having breakfast in the morning means you have to wake up earlier or get late to work, then here are some easy-peasy breakfast options to break-your-fast and start the day.

1. Cereals

We all enjoy cereal breakfast because it only takes a minute to make. Just add milk (sugar if you like) and your breakfast is ready.

Breakfast cereals are a good way to start your mornings because they usually contain wheat, oats, corn, and rice along with vital nutrients.


Kellogs Koko Krunch is an all-time favourite breakfast cereal made with whole-grain cereal for all chocolate lovers and children.

sweet home granola


If you’re looking for something different, you can try the Sweet Home Farm Vanilla Cocoa Granola which is a healthier breakfast substitute for all.

2. Yoghurt

For a quick and healthy breakfast option, yoghurts can be your new best friend. Yoghurts are lightweight and are rich in protein. You can add fresh fruits with yoghurt to enhance flavour and nutrition.

farmers union natural yoghurt

The Farmers Union Natural Yoghurt is made with natural ingredients and tastes delicious. The yoghurt can be consumed on its own or added to cooking.

3. Energy Bars

Energy bars serve as an incredible source of vital proteins and fibre for your body. When you are getting late but need that boost of energy, a quick energy bar can get the job done. Bars are also an excellent anytime snack to throw in your bag.

almond nut bar

You can try the Fraser And Neave Energise Almond Nut Bar made with a combination of almond, peanut, dark chocolate and cereals and packed with vital nutrients.

4. Milk

The goodness of a glass of milk that has all the natural nutrients is always a good breakfast option. You can add flavours to your drink or turn it into a smoothie.


If you’re looking for creamy and delicious milk, try the F&N Foods Magnolia Fresh Uht Milk which promises to provide the essential source of nourishment to be consumed anytime.

5. Green Tea For a Morning Detox

Start your morning detox by drinking green tea and your health will thank you. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and essential nutrients that promote brain functioning and lowers the risk of cancer.

twinnings jasmine green tea

If you’re not sure which green tea to start with, try the Twinings Jasmine Green Tea that comes in jasmine flavour with a light tea concentration.

The best way to start your morning is with a healthy and nutritional diet. But when we have little to no time, the above mentioned quick breakfast ideas can become your saviour.


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