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Clean Less, Save Time With This Revolutionary & Effective Toilet Cleaner!

As much as we dislike doing this dreaded chore, we need to clean our toilets because it is the most used seat in the house. If only there was an effective toilet cleaner that could make cleaning toilets a less time-consuming and frustrating job… So that we could spend less time scrubbing toilets and more time doing things that we actually enjoy!

With the strong motto of “Clean Less, Live More”, Mr Muscle has a solution to this pain! They create cleaning products that aim to make the consumers’ life easier by minimizing effort. Mr Muscle Fresh Discs: an innovative gel formula that prevents stains from building up for up to 6 weeks, so that you don’t have to wash and clean your toilet every so often. Now that sounds like something we could all use in our life.

To test this out, 400 testers of Try & Review received the product to try it in their own toilets. They shared their experience with us and were amazed by its quick results!


Frequent use of the toilet can cause bacteria and germs to multiply quickly. As you take several trips to the bathroom throughout the day, it’s important to ensure that you and family members don’t come into contact with germs. Mr Muscle reduces the potential growth of bacteria by preventing stains with every flush, keeping the toilet clean and fresh for a long time. This makes the product suitable for toilets used by many family members. “After using Mr muscle, the ambience in the toilet is always fresh and feels clean. My family is happy, I am happy with the product” says user @LianHong.



We all have had unpleasant experiences with bleaches, phenyl and cleaning chemicals. 97% of Malaysian testers agree that Mr Muscle Fresh Discs has a long-lasting fragrance that keeps their toilet smelling fresh and clean. A good smelling bathroom can lift your mood and make your bathroom trips more pleasant. “It leaves and keeps fresh n clean smell in the toilet,” says User @NorlailaSurya who is happy about how her bathroom smells after using the product.



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Your guests would also enjoy using the restroom when the small space is filled with fresh fragrances.

The “fresh and floral” aroma of the toilet cleaner actually lasts in your bathroom for weeks! User @Nouramir claims that “Every push lasts around 1 week, I love its strong fragrance that I can smell lingers in the room”.



The design and the application method of a toilet cleaning product plays an important part in quick, regular and hassle-free use. After deep-cleaning your toilet with your regular cleaner, Mr Muscle Fresh Discs help to keep your toilet fresh and hygienic for a longer period of time in between cleans. This way you save time by not having to deep-clean your toilet after every few days.

But the handy design of the Mr Muscle Fresh Discs is what makes this product stand out. With its smart applicator that allows you to replace the disc without even touching the toilet bowl, you will no longer need to use the usual toilet rim blocks that hang off the icky toilet bowl!

This way, Mr Muscle makes cleaning your toilet bowl easy-peasy and fun. It has been rated 4/5 and above by 96% of Malaysian testers for its ease of application.

The design ensures that your bathroom is “clean & fresh without touching the toilet bowl!” – User @Dyanahan


Testers repeatedly mention “how it was convenient to use and the lasting effect to serve its purpose. And it also cleans as well as keep my toilet bowl fragrant”. – User @sebrinahyeo

The users and testers of Mr Muscle Fresh Discs toilet cleaner have enjoyed using the product so much that 96% of them would happily recommend it to their loved ones and friends.



“Easy to apply inside the toilet bowl. Recommended to all.” – User @Teresa Tiong

Incorporate an effective and easy-to-use toilet cleaner that lessens the frustrations of the regular toilet-cleaning chore and saves your valuable time. You should not be spending all of your time maintaining a clean and tidy bathroom. Let the toilet cleaner lessen your stress and give you more time to enjoy life!

Want to purchase it? Available in major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets nationwide.