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Protect your babies’ skin and health. Make a switch to a safer, greener detergent.


Laundry is such a major part of our daily lives, we often forget the impact it has to our bodies and the environment. Regular laundry detergent may contain unnecessary chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment but can also cause skin irritation or sensitivity. And that’s why more and more people are turning to safer green detergents.

Seventh Generation believes in delivering quality results without compromising on the health of consumers and the environment. Their plant-based, safe and non-toxic detergents are created to power through a load of dirty laundry without unnecessary harsh chemicals, all in a sustainable packaging that leaves your clothes clean.

But are plant-based detergents with natural ingredients as good as they claim? Can a green detergent actually match up to conventional detergent with unnecessary chemicals that are generally used to get your clothes all clean? Well, good news! We got down and dirty (pun intended) and did all the work for you.

Over 150 TryandReview.com Singapore members gave the Seventh Generation detergents a go in either Baby, Free & Clear or Lavender variants. We’re always pleased to share with our readers new brands that not only works well but are also eco-friendly. In fact, 92% of our testers would recommend Seventh Generation. So, we’d love to share their feedback with you!

Removes tough stains

We all know most conventional detergents are packed with chemicals to give them their stain-removing abilities. But did you know that you really don’t need all those extra chemicals on your body? Seventh Generation is made of renewable plant-based ingredients but its cleaning abilities are just as strong. No synthetic fragrances, dyes or brighteners. Just powerful natural enzymes that’ll keep yours and your baby’s clothes clean and soft by not leaving any harmful residue that can potentially cause skin irritation.

safer detergent babies
Photo by @joan.yee

Seventh Generation removes stains with ease without leaving behind any residue. Milk spills, spit-up, poop smears.. you name it. Even the “food merlion” vomit and massive “poo-nami” that Try and Review user @joan.yee often cleans up – and she’s not alone. 98% of testers rated 4 out of 5 for cleaning well!

“I am pleasantly surprised that Seventh Generation detergent removes all that and yet mild on the skin for my babies too! I’ve been through all the baby detergent brands in the market and this by far is the best.” – @joan.yee


“With just a dab and a rub using Seventh’s laundry detergent the food stains disappear within seconds without much scrubbing or rinsing. It is truly an amazing product!” – Jusjulz


Fragrance-free for Free & Clear and Baby variants!

Make a switch to a safer, greener detergent.
Photo by @Jusjulz

Artificial fragrances in your laundry detergents and fabric softeners can make it harmful for the air in your home and your health.

That’s why many of our mommy users were impressed by the fragrance-free yet powerful formula of the Free & Clear variant. Seventh Generation made a good first impression on our Try and Review users and even converted a few of them into loyal customers.

Safer Detergent
Photo by @charyz



First thing that struck me is that there is no chemical soap smell after washing only a very mild but pleasant scent. Since I do not separate my clothes from my baby’s and 3yo’s clothes in the wash I like that this detergent can wash tough stains and is also suitable for babies with no added nasties,” – mommy @charyz.

Make a switch to a safer, greener detergent
Photo by @Lingjia1




I must say I really like this product as it is fragrance free which is one of the top components when I shop for my baby product. Also the liquid is translucent. The clothes feel soft after washing without the need of softener. Definitely switching to this,” -@Lingjia1.


 Protect your babies’ skin and health.
Photo by @JauzChen

“I was pretty worried the scent-free formula would not give my laundry a fresh scent but amazingly odorless can’t be a nice smell too! No smell? Then working or not? Yes it’s working.” – JauzChen





Safer detergent
Photo by @janicee-soh.hwaa

However, for those who prefer fresh, scented laundry, the Seventh Generation Lavender can be your go-to, since their scent is derived from 100% essential oils and botanical ingredients! So, you can be assured that your clothes will smell fresh without you contributing to harmful chemicals that can be given off into the air with chemically induced scents.
@”it smells so exhilarating and I can’t get enough of it.”, while @Fenris complimented, “The scent of lavender of the detergent is so refreshing. I love this detergent. Thanks Seventh Generation for giving me the opportunity to test this detergent. It’s so good!! – @janicee-soh.hwaa5db1c5826833d

Combats eczema

If you have a child with eczema, then you would know the type of laundry detergent is extremely important. So it’s no surprise that with its natural ingredients, Seventh Generation Free & Clear is a favourite when combating eczema.

Baby detergent friendly
Photo by @angelyy

My daughter has severe eczema and I’ve been trying to look for a safe laundry detergent to use. I’m so happy to find Seventh Generation’s laundry detergent as a chemical AND fragrance free option for her as she’s wearing her clothes for hours and really need this clean product! So far after the first few washes, the baby seems less itchy! LOVE IT” – @angelyy


Make a switch to a safer, greener detergent.
Photo by @Jingli11


Mommy @Jingli11 was also on the lookout for a fragrance-free detergent and said “it is baby-safe especially for my baby with very sensitive skin. Being an environmentally conscious product is another major plus!”



Perfect for the whole family

The best part? This is a great family laundry detergent, so you don’t have to buy a special detergent for just your baby.
Users like @Jauzchen and @NatashaLee mentioned they wash adult and baby clothes together as it is suitable for the whole family. @NatashaLee also shared “just one cap full is enough for my full load”.

Saves the Earth as you do your laundry

All that power doesn’t come at the price of the environment. Just as important as the natural ingredients, the packaging is also safe for the environment. Seventh Generation uses sustainable packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials. So you can also do your part for the environment, while doing your laundry! Who knew that you could save the Earth while doing your everyday laundry?

from right to left: @yuki0903, @JessicaSue
Right to left: @yuki0903, @JessicaSue

User @yuki0903 supports Seventh Generation for it’s natural ingredients and for being cruelty-free, while @JessicaSue thought the bottle was “easy to handle and it’s great for the environment because it’s made from recyclable materials and also the container can be recycled.”

Our overall thoughts of Seventh Generation? Our testers rated it 4.7 out of 5. Seventh Generation is loved by many users for its natural ingredients, strong cleaning abilities and multi-purpose usage for the whole household!

You can easily purchase these detergents via Redmart!

To know more about Seventh Generation and their products, don’t forget to visit their website and Instagram!


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