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Highlighters were once a magical item used by professional makeup artists. But as beauty enthusiasts took more interest in discovering the ins and outs of the makeup world, amazing highlighters came into the spotlight and became accessible to everyone!

The beautiful glow and shine that highlighters created on the face were breathtaking to all. Now highlighters are an essential piece of makeup in everyones’ makeup kit.

Highlighters add a glow and dimension to bare and matte looks that make the appearance more healthy and glowy. Moreover, they come in all forms: liquid, cream, jelly, powder, pressed, stick, you name it!

So with so many options, which highlighters should you go for? Check out these 5 highlighters that are amazing on the skin and easy on your wallet too if you are looking for some inspiration!

Elf Cosmetics Baked Highlighter

ELF highlighter

elf review

Picture credit to our member: @tanmeiqimaggi

For a radiant glow and a sheen of natural shimmer that highlights the high points of your face subtly, ELF Baked Highlighter is the one you need to try. The highlighter is infused with grape oils, rosehip, Vitamin E, Jojoba, apricot and so many other natural ingredients that will hydrate your skin while highlighting.

“Natural looking, blends into skin well. Did not expect the quality for the low price!”

– tanmeiqimaggie-




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