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HomeCommunityUnboxing The Try and Review Christmas Box!

Unboxing The Try and Review Christmas Box!


Most of you may know that in December, we came up with the exciting Christmas Box to give back to our loyal and passionate members: Top Reviewers Tribe. Our team curated some awesome skincare items for the months’ box as we wanted you guys to pamper yourself during the holiday season.

Amongst 3000 applicants from Singapore and the Philippines,. As this box was intended to reward our passionate reviewers, we chose 100 lucky winners from each country to receive the Christmas box based on the number of reviews they have shared with us and of course, the quality of their reviews.

So don’t get disheartened if you didn’t receive a box this time. Continue to support us by sharing more reviews and applying for our future boxes which will only keep on getting more exciting!

Are you curious to know what was inside the Christmas box this year? Let’s Unbox!

Photo by our member @nams.patil5cdea53606f04

Our Christmas box included The Skin Firm Gentle Cleansers and Essence set, Mirage Aesthetic hyaluronic acid serum and Sén Natural lipsticks and lip balm.

Meet the bloggers who loved Try and Review so much that they have become a part of our ever-growing community!

It’s no surprise that Monice Cheung and Deenise’s passion for blogging and voicing out their opinions made them want to try Try and Review. After receiving their box, they were pleasantly surprised with the products they received.

DeeniseTravel and Lifestyler Blogger – Deenise

Deenise is a Singaporean travel and lifestyle blogger. She had her doubts and questions about try and review. But after receiving her box and seeing the products she realized that we are a “legit company” who are “sincere in getting testers to review”. Deenise gave her first impression and did an unboxing of the Christmas box on her blog.

Deenise Box

What stood out to Deenise was that the skincare products were from local Singaporean brands and she was also fascinated by how Sen Lipsticks reduce waste by allowing the users to recycle their lipstick case. She mentioned that she saw interesting results from using all those products. If you are curious to know more about how she felt about the box and the products, don’t forget to check out her blog and Instagram.



Monice cheungBeauty Blogger And Passionate Baker- Monice Cheung

Monice is a popular Singaporean blogger who has won several accolades for her blog. She posts reviews on food, travelling, movies and beauty products. Monice wrote a detailed, tried and tested review on her Christmas Box products. She appreciated that we encourage our reviews to be “completely honest” which help consumers choose the right product when buying.

monice cheung Try and Review box

Monice took some time to try the products and shared how they were “effective” and “was absorbed into” her skin very easily. Overall she felt that “This Christmas Beauty Box from Try and Review is great to create a community that encourages honest and balanced reviews”. To read more details and opinion about the products, check out her blog and if you want to know more about her, then check out her fun instagram page.



Shub_sgLifestyle and Mommy Enthusiast – @Shub_sg

Shub is a popular mommy Instagrammer of Singapore and was excited to receive her own “Exclusive Christmas Box”. We know how much mommies need a good skin-pampering treat. Shub tried each of the products and gave a quick review of how they affected her skin on her Instagram page.


shub_sg Christmas box

She was amazed by the effectiveness of the cleanser as it worked well on her “sensitive skin”. She also noticed the glow the serum added to her skin. Check out her post to see what else she had to say about her box.



Many of our other members too were delighted and satisfied with the box. Most mentioned observing a noticeable improvement in their skin after using the products. The majority of the users raved about how their skin looked smoother, radiant and hydrated after using the Mirage Miracle Serum (97% of testers) and The Skin Firm (93% of testers).

Member @Daphnnn mentioned how after using the Skin Firm essence day and night, her skin felt “more radiant and moisturized”. Member @Doveria mentions too how the cleanser is “gentle on the skin and does really well in removing the makeup”

Moreover, 100% of our testers claimed that they enjoyed using the Sen Natural Lipstick due to its natural ingredients.

christmas box testers

We were filled with gratitude with the success of the 2019 Try and Review Christmas Box. Your excitement to receive products and give honest reviews have inspired us to work harder to bring you many more fun boxes in the future that will be filled with more such awesome goodies! Keep showering us with your support and reviews you may just be the lucky one next time! Cheers!


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