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This New Vegan-friendly & Healthy Seaweed Snack is So Addictive!


Temptations come in many forms and flavours. It’s hard to ignore the grumbling in your stomach while you’re working or just binge-watching shows on Netflix. Hunger pangs or sudden cravings can hit anytime.

After all, it’s quite hard to deny the gratification of munching on sweet, salty and delicious snacks. If you’re already drooling but are shying away from snacking for your health, then we know what you need!

Say hi to Norilicious, a new vegan-friendly roasted seaweed snack that has a bunch of energy-boosting ingredients. And it tastes good too! Seaweed is known to provide minerals, iodine, and essential vitamins which makes Norilicious a healthy snacking option. The best part? Each pack of these delicious snacks contains less than 100 calories!

As part of the Try and Review Vegan Box, 100 Top Reviewers received Norilicious Seaweed Snack. The reviewers were a mix of Vegans, Vegetarians, and Non-vegetarians who all wanted to explore delicious but also vegan and cruelty-free snacks.

After trying this out, 89% of our testers rated it 5/5 for its delicious taste. Being very low on calories, they could now indulge in yummy but also guilt-free snacking. According to research, alginate in seaweed makes you feel full and reduces the need for caloric intake. This was supported by the majority of our reviewers who said they felt full for a longer time after consuming the snack.

Norilicious seaweed snack comes in attractive packaging and is easy to carry which was rated 5/5 by 91% of our testers. What’s more is that it comes in four different exciting flavours – Almond & Sesame, Black Rice & Sesame, Pumpkin Seed & Sesame and Spicy Sunflower Seeds.

95% of the Top Reviewers would buy it again! Check why below.

In Love with this Healthy Snacking Gem!

Impriscillahlah“I got this product in the vegan box. I honestly think veganism seems so hard. But this snack gave me hope. It’s so Low calories. My brother who counts his macro on the regular could share this snack with me. It’s crispy like a chip and crazy addictive. The taste is subtle upon the first bite but it grows on you. Initially, I thought the serving size is a bit small. But it’s actually quite filling and very substantial. I will buy a few more of these from Fairprice !!! I can actually see myself gravitating towards these instead of a packet of Doritos. Truly guilt-free snacking. What a gem. Honestly amazed.”

User Impriscillahlah

A Healthy Snack That is also Very Addictive

LaikaHei“Wow, this is very yummy! I was a bit sceptical at first but once I had the first piece I couldn’t stop and I finished the whole packet. And I can eat it without a guilty conscience cos it is a healthy snack!”

User LaiKaHei



Too Addictive and Less than 100 Calories!!!

Kikiliew“This Nori seaweed snack is really yummy-licious! I had the Black Rice & Sesame flavour and it’s very crispy and unami! With less than 100 calories per pack, I finished it in no time because once you start you can’t stop! Too addictive! ????”

– User Kikiliew




JessicaSue“The packaging is attractive and makes you want to buy this product. The packaging is easy to open and the sizing is a sufficient amount. The snack is also bite-size so no worries about making a mess while eating. As soon as I put the snack in my mouth I can taste the savoury seaweed and as I take a bite it is crunchy and a sweet flavour fills my mouth. I can taste the sesame and crunch of the puffed rice. All the ingredients are evenly blended bringing together a sweet and savoury flavour making this Norilicious Seaweed delicious! This is my new favourite healthy snack without me feeling guilty if I overindulge it in.”

User JessicaSue

A Vegan-friendly Delicious Snack

ChocoYang“It’s so crunchy and delicious. Friendly for vegan feels very healthy and with the low calories it’s definitely guilt-free.”

User ChocoYang





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