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Best Personalized Gifts For Christmas


The year has come to an end and everyone is planning for the holidays. You know it’s the exciting part of the year; Christmas! There’s so much joy in giving great gifts to your beloved ones and seeing them delighted.

If you have run out of gift ideas and not sure what could be the best gift for your dear ones, a personalized gift is always the answer. You can never fail to bring a smile to your loved one’s face with a gift that is made or designed just for them.

Here are some fabulous personalized gift ideas to try this Christmas:

1. Alche{me}Alche{me} Skincare Products

You can never go wrong with gifting someone skincare products. After all, they are a basic necessity and who would not love receiving luxurious skincare items. With alche{me}, you can take gifting skincare products up a notch by giving them products designed specifically for their unique skin type. Alche{me}’s natural skincare solution caters to all gender, age, and skin types! It’s an eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand that aims to provide effective and easy-to-use solutions to your pesky skin care problems such as acne, oily skin, dry skin…etc.

The best part about this gift is that you can have an online skin consultation for their skin type and also upload a selfie to analyze their facial features and find out what products they need.

Take a look at what our members have to say about this amazing brand after testing its’ products:

Like this a lot!”

“I’ve been using this diligently and I love how it has moisturized my skin! Love that it’s vegan and so easy to glide on my skin too!”

User: JasmineIke


“I was initially sceptical about whether the personalized serum would work for me, but after several weeks of using, my dark circles have lightened and my eye area isn’t that puffy anymore. the serum is lightweight and gets absorbed easily, love the smell too!”

User: Inviere

Very Light on Skin and Great for Sensitive-Skin”

“Feel very light and easily absorbed by my skin. I have sensitive skin but this had no side effects. Love the lightweight feeling.”

User Jasrial

2. Labfragrances

Lab fragrances perfume

Fragrances make an easy but great gift that will remind the wearer of you. Who doesn’t love to smell good after all? Instead of gifting traditional perfume bottles that everyone owns, choose a perfume that can be personalized with the wearer’s name on it for a unique touch! Labfragrances makes handmade perfumes with the finest quality ingredients that make the fragrances last all day long.

3. Studio Emoi

Studio Emoi Jewelry

For the special women in your life, jewellery makes for an irresistible gift. Be it for your mother or your sister, a piece of jewellery will fill them with delight. Studio Emoi creates handmade and custom jewellery based on their individual style and preferences. The jewellery is created with talented craftsmen and premium materials that ensure high-quality.

4. Nail Deck

Nail Deck Nailpolish

Be it for the manicure lover or just to pamper the loved ones, a set of nail paints is an excellent gift option. To spice things up, you can gift them a nail paint set that is customizable. Nail Deck offers an exciting range of vegan-friendly and cruelty-free nail paints. The customized nail polish set lets you create a unique nail colour that no one else has which also makes it a wonderful gift choice for artsy people in your life.

To make your holidays special, we want to gift you for your constant support! So don’t forget to keep sending us your reviews and have a chance of winning our 2020 review awards. You can win $100 worth of travel vouchers!

Christmas is the time of the year to celebrate unity and enjoy the festival. The best gift is the one you will give out of love. Get creative and add a touch of personalization to traditional gifts and double the happiness!


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