Why Choosing The Correct Product For My Baby With Eczema Is So Important by User Nerahs

As parents, we will always want the best for our children – the best food, the best education and the best life. Even more so, we would do anything in our power to protect our adorable babies. Pudgy, wide eyed, and delicate in so many ways, our babies are vulnerable to many externalities that can cause common skin conditions like dry skin, eczema and dermatitis. Luckily User Nerahs, last year’s Try and Review Award winner, has the perfect solution for your baby’s eczema troubles. Continue reading to learn how QV Baby Moisturising Cream helped soothe her baby’s skin.

QV Skincare has been an innovator leading in the skin care field around the globe for over 55 years. This iconic Australian brand is recognised for products that treat and prevent skin conditions and maintain healthy skin. Free from colour, fragrance and other common irritants, all QV baby products are considered safe for  your baby’s delicate skin. Out of all the moms on TryandReview.com who have raved about QV Baby Moisturising Cream and its healing powers for eczema, Try and Review Awards Winner User Nerahs happens to be one of them!

User Nerahs has been a TryandReview.com member for about 2 years. She was 1 of the 20 winners selected in the 2019 Try and Review Awards recognized for writing thoughtful and honest reviews about a variety of products like food, makeup and lifestyle products. She has written over 30 great reviews in her time as a TryandReview.com member to help others make better choices when purchasing any product. Here are her honest reasons to get a tub of QV Baby Moisturising Cream for your baby.


1. “Safe for my boy” 

A baby’s skin is incredibly delicate, even more so for babies with eczema. This is a fact User Nerahs agrees to, that’s why she mentioned “choosing the correct product for an eczema baby is so important”. Fortunately, QV Baby products are free from the common irritants found in other generic products making it safe for babies and a common recommendation by paediatricians. After using the QV Baby Moisturising Cream for a while, User Nerahs affirms that “QV is definitely safe for my boy”.

2. “Replenishes the skin and helps relieve dry area”

The secret to baby smooth baby skin lies in Squalene – a key ingredient in QV’s Baby Moisturising Cream. Squalene is a component found naturally in the skin’s oil that helps seal in the skin’s own natural moisture. User Nerahs loves the effect of QV’s Baby Moisturising Cream so much that she declared “I am using QV Baby Moisturising Cream everyday for this boy.”

3. “No more red skin now”

Not only does this cream relieve dry skin, it tames redness as well! User Nerahs shared that “ My boy had red spots on his face, after applying QV cream for 2 days, they are all gone now.” Happy, healthy skin equals a happy baby.

Discover the QV difference with the QV Skincare product range. Are you a QV user advocate yourself? Browse our range of products here to leave a review.


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